Tuscan Castanets

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CD Booklet 32 Pages English Texts - Release Date: 2007 - Music Popular Tuscany

Live Recordings

Archivio Corrado Barontini (Tracks 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,13)

Archivio Paolo Casini (Tracks 14,23)

Archivio Associazione Culturale La Leggera (Tracks 16,17)

Studio Recordings

Archivio Paolo Casini (Tracks 10,11,12,15,18,19,20,21,26)

Tracks List
1. Tirinzupalarilallera
2. Polka d’altri tempi
3. Il cecio valzer
4. Lezione Ido n. 1 (impugnatura)
5. Polca (senza titolo)
6. Mazurca del Monti
7. Stornelli licenziosi
8. Libera (polca)
9. Arcobaleno
10. Improvvisazione di Ido
11. La chiaccherina
12. Lezione Ido n. 2 (gli stop)
13. Cade la pioggia
14. Tamurée
15. Valzer della Gostona
16. Lezione di valzer
17. Polca di’ Bulletta
18. Follia
19. Lezione Ido n. 3 (legni differenti)
20. La sfida
21. Il grillo
22. Lo studente passa
23. L’altalena
24. Valzer del peperoncino
25. Polca Garibaldi
26. La palude e la Maremma
27. Tirinzupalarilallera

Everyone knows the Spanish or Neapolitan castanets, but few people these days know of the existence of “nàcchere” or “gnàcchere” (castanets) in the typical Tuscan shape, two single wood bars (crotala in Latin) which have been used in this part of Italy since the time of the Etruscans. Once used throughout Tuscany both as a children’s toy and a rhythm instrument for popular music (especially dance music), nowadays their use is limited to very few areas including Maremma. The memory of this ancient percussion instrument is however still alive and thanks to the nàcchere players who are still active, the tradition of their use and the techniques for making them have been passed on to a new generation. Thus, Tuscan nàcchere will continue to play for the long run and the sound of their wood blocks will continue to catch people’s attention whenever it is needed to counteract the dull global culture that is inflicted on us on a daily basis.
This CD, the first for this instrument, is a collection of sound recordings from the 1970’s to present days.
The booklet includes information on the origin and evolution of the name "nàcchere", the spread in Tuscany of this instrument, how to make them and short biography of the players.

The Tuscan musicians Castanets

Corrado Barontini

Michele Barontini

Alessandro casini

Ido Corti

Filippo Marranci

Mario Mazzuoli

Carlino Penni

Marco Vergari

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