ZDOB SI ZDUB - Basta Mafia!

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Vinyl - Release Date: 27/January/2012  - Format LP Whit Download Code For Digital Files - Gypsy Punk- Moldova


1. Basta Mafia 3:30

2. Running 4:17

3. Eternal Kiss 4:05

4. Gipsy Life 5:07

5. We Are Free 3:45

6. Maria 4:03

7. Haiduk 3:09


8. Trece Vremea Omului 3:19

9. Nistru 5:16

10. Good Bye 4:40

11. F - S - S - O 5:01

12. The Holy Fuel 3:09

13. So Lucky 3:50

"What city what country is this stage I am on?" Asks Roman Iagupov on the track "Gypsy Life" from the new Zdob si Zdob album titled "Basta Mafia!". And it's no surprise being that Zdob si Zdub are in the truest sense of the word an "international" band. Constantly on the move crossing borders from country to country on never ending tours.

From their humble beginnings as a Moldavian folk influenced ska-punk band, they've easily layered a true world mix of highly innovative listenable music with electronica dance and alt rock muscle without loosing any of their core roots. The band has propelled not once but twice to the high ranks of the finals of the Eurovision song contest. This year achieving this feat with the song "So Lucky" from the new Asphalt Tango release "Basta Mafia!". Their appearance caused a storm of devotion on the internet from every country participating. Even capturing several prominent pop figures including Adele, Plan B producer Paul Epworth who went as far as to tweet ".I just thought it was brilliant and so far removed from the Western European entries .I loved the beautiful eccentricity ...".

But the band didn't just appear out of nowhere from one of Europe's poorest countries to having a audience of 160 million people rocking out to "So Lucky". This "Basta Mafia" track was born from years of touring. The record title alone "Basta Mafia!" deals out a statement in itself of where they come from (the former Soviet Union) to what has become now (another superpower of the underworld) to where they are heading (their own independent route ). So with a sense of irony and humor the title "Basta Mafia!" suggest a stop to the old ways. Not only the political but also the musical and mental ways.

To make the break from old the band went to record in the ever transformative city of Berlin Germany. The city that in turn transformed the likes of David Bowie, Iggy Pop, U2, Peaches, Bonaparte and countless others. In Berlin's cross cultural talent pool the boys worked with Marc Elsner as their new innovative producer. New York's Andy Schuman was also brought in to help bring Roman's vision of the songs to English. This multicultured combination of talents has led to Zdob Si Zdub's most ambitious and accessible piece of work yet. "Basta Mafia!" is a monster of a record that grows and swells upon multible listenings. Enjoy...


Zdob şi Zdub

Since mid 90's Zdob şi Zdub combines hardcore and Moldovan folklore in a unique and elegant way, offering a spectacular live show. add some hip-hop, drum'n'bass, jungle, punk. and we have an original music crossover, the meeting point of urban intensity and rural spirit. This charismatic band leaves deep traces in Moldova's music history, however feeling at home in front of any audience it reaches.

Zdob şi Zdub performed in more than 20 European countries, from small clubs to big festivals, like Roskilde in Denmark, Sziget in Hungary, Exit in Serbia, Peninsula in Romania and many more. Over the years, Zdob şi Zdub opened for renowned bands like: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Emir Kusturica & No Smoking Orchestra, Korn, Biohazard, Rollins Band, Rage Against The Machine, Soulfly, The Garbage, Fun Lovin' Criminals and many others.

In order to bring additional authenticity to its sound, Zdob şi Zdub recorded songs, but also performed live, with traditional singers, such as Vasile Dinu (MC Vasile, from Romania), Osoianu Sisters (Moldova), Trio Erdenko (Russia). The music's personality is also transmitted through the videos that accompany 17 songs.

The band was invited to participate in a number of projects, one of the major ones being Linz Europe Tour 2007-2009 - a European cultural project that gathered many artists from the Danubian countries. One of the main results of the project was a collaboration song between Hubert von Goisern, the leader of Linz Europe Tour, and Zdob şi Zdub.

So far, Zdob şi Zdub released 6 full-length studio albums, among which 2 international releases:
"450 sheep" 2003 Warner Austria
"Ethnomecanica" 2008 Lavine/SonyBmg Germany

The band's activity was appreciated by various TV channels (among them, MTV Europe), magazines, radio stations, thus enriching its collection of awards.

Their first Eurovision experience is Moldova's debut in the Contest, dating back to 2005. At the 50th edition Zdob şi Zdub represented their country with the song "Boonika Bate Doba", placed 6th in the Final. In 2011, the citizens of the Republic of Moldova empowered them once again to rock the stage at the Eurovision Song Contest. Zdob şi Zdub participated with the song "So Lucky" (music: Mihai Gincu and Marc Elsner; lyrics: Andy Schuman and Marc Elsner), which came 12th in the Final of the European contest. "So Lucky" is the first single from their newest album which was produced by Marc Elsner and recorded in Berlin in 2010. It is the result of the band's and producer's hard-work and creative quest. The exclusive new material, sung in English and Romanian, is due to be released in January 2012. Zdob şi Zdub will appear in a different light.

Band members:
Roman Iagupov - vocals
Mihai Gîncu - bass guitar
Sveatoslav Staru? - guitar
Andrei Cebotari - drums
Valeriu Mazîlu - trumpet, bagpipe
Victor Dandeş - trombone and traditional instruments

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