TUSCAE GENTES - Storie di Donne

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CD Digipack with 3 sleeves containing a 36 page booklet with photos, lyrics - Release Date: 2007 - Music Popular Tuscany

1. La pesca dell’anello/C’erano tre sorelle  4.07
1b Sopra alle onde  1.03
2. Il cacciatore va a caccia  3.35
3. Canta e canta Lisetta  4.20
4. La montagnola e il pescatore  4.30
5. O Pinotta/E picchia picchia la porticella  6.20
6. La Lea 4.10
7. Povera sconsolata  2.30
8. Non vi maravigliate o giovinetti  2.10
9. Ninna nanna la malcontenta 2,38
10. Le fabbrichine 2,38
11. Fa’ la nanna occhioni neri  3.28
12. La prima volta c’hio mi confessai 2.07
13. Io ti vorrei veder 3.37
14. Cinquecento catenelle d’oro 1.26
14b Nodino d’amore  1.39

The repertoire of folk songs popular in Tuscany is full of songs whose subject is the so-called "fair sex." Shepherd could rhymes, songs of love, relief, lullabies, laments the unhappily married, stories of love and of self-styled girls seducing hunters, anglers, captains, who sometimes have tragic implications or comedians or both, as appropriate. What emerges is a cross-section of the female figure of a rural world that is no more, and went off with it also took away some definitely negative aspects of the status of women. This gives rise to and from the usual research "in the field" by Daniele Poli, soul of the Tuscan group, the idea of this work, realized with the support of the Culture of the Province of Prato. The making of this record has involved a large number of people including elderly informants, researchers, professional musicians and not. In the song "Le fabbrichine" it has even bothered Philharmonic G. Verdi in Luicciana. Among the other titles are: 500 gold chains reach the general public by the unforgotten Caterina Bueno, The Hills, The Ring fishing, Sing Lisetta, Lullaby the discontented, La Lea, The hunter goes hunting. Chants for most known by the elderly, but they are also very popular with young people, as evidenced by the growing interest in popular music, especially if performed again with a style a bit 'captivating. Particular attention is given to the arrangements and the "sound" but the current popular, elegant and ironic at the same time, the Tuscae GENTES, who now knows those who follow the training on CD or live.So we can hear guitars, mandolins, accordions, violins, basses, clarinets, ocarinas, flutes, joined as cajon percussion and spoons, and that surround to the voices of the usual poles and an Anna Granata in great shape, at ease as never counting in telling these stories of women. The package includes an elegant hardcover digipack with three panels, with 36-page booklet with lyrics, comments and photos of archival vintage.



Daniel Poli: Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin, Harmonica, Psalter, Tacabanda, Percussion

Ugo Galasso: Clarinet, Ocarina, Fife, from Drum Flute, Cane Flutes, Cori

Anna Granata: Voce

Giuseppe Cornacchia: Accordion


Francesco Castagnoli: Bass

Nicola Mitolo: Violin

Rocco Mint: Spoons, Drum, Cajon

Susanna Bertuccioli: Harp

Andrea Geri: Organetto

Filarmonica G.Verdi of Luicciana




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