TONI ESPOSITO / La banda del sole

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FIRST REPRINT ON LP of the fourth disc of the famous Neapolitan percussionist (1978). SPECIAL EDITION NUMBERED BY HAND PRINT RUN OF 300 COPIES. Recommended for its quality, for those who appreciate good music, with the opportunity to re-evaluate a surprising artist.

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packaged in opening gatefold on Fedrigoni art paper 320 gr., treated with transparent protective paint.

Artist of great talent for composition, Tony Esposito is a very creative percussionist, very popular for the use of all kinds of household object as a musical instrument. His solo albums are mainly oriented to the jazz-rock, almost entirely instrumental and percussion in strong evidence. In the ‘70 Toni Esposito was one of the leaders of Neapolitan experimental production, author of an important turning point, that respecting the musical traditions, changed it deeply.

“The band of the sun” goes back to 1978 (it is the fourth of the discography), it is part of the first production devoted to the purest musical research, before it takes a more commercial in the following years. His first four albums are still very actual and represent one of the best examples of the mix of International genres and musical tastes. Electric jazz, jazz rock, Latin jazz, but tribal music too, African, Mediterranean and South American influences. The tracks of this album leave from the Mediterranean to cross the distant seas of South-America and Africa, while maintaining constant a certain brilliance to some British atmospheres totally devoted to the colder prog-rock. Moreover, the choice of the arrangements makes tracks colorful and elegant.

lato A - 1. La banda del sole 2. Mugurrù 3. Hum Allah, Hum Allah, Hum Allah
lato B - 1. Ballo in 7 2. Quartetto (composizione per basso, piano, batteria e pentole) 3. Il lungo viaggio 4. Danza caruana

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