TOMMASO TALARICO - Viandanti "Canzoni Da Un Tempo Distante"

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Digipack with 3 sleeves artistic paper containing  Booklet 16 Pages 12X13,5- Release Date: 30/05/2018 - Singer-SongWriter - Tuscany - CD


1. In Nome Di Dio

2. Viandanti

3. Caleidoscopio

4. Eolie

5. Storia Di Lillo

6. Il Dono

7. Sud

8. Il Tempo Delle Favole

9. L'Amore Di Se

10. Alla Facoltà Di Lettere e Filosofia

11. La Schiuma Dei Giorni

The journey is the leitmotiv of Viandanti (songs from a distant time), the first album by the Calabrian singer-songwriter Tommaso Talarico, which leads him to delve into the ravines of the soul and tell stories of men and women who stumble during their lives and continue towards an unknown destiny. In Viandanti (songs from a distant time) Talarico merges rock, pop, jazz, bossa nova and song by author and offers eleven musically refined songs. The recording project boasts the artistic production of Gianfilippo Boni and the collaboration of musicians including Riccardo Tesi, Giuseppe Scarpato, Riccardo Galardini, Lorenzo Forti, Fabrizio Morganti and Claudio Giovagnoli.
In the pop song "Il tempo delle fabole" Talarico photographs the sad contemporary reality, in an ironic and invective way, and presents the innocent Alice, a world animated by characters who aspire to appear more than to be, shows a society in which opulence is opposed to abandonment, precariousness and marginalization. A world in which the Mighty people allow the execution of crimes in the name of faith, as they are sung in the rock song "In the name of God". And again of heinous crimes the artist speaks in "South", reconstructing an ambush committed in Calabria by the 'ndrangheta, with a scratching rock in which the electric guitar and the bass accompany a song suffered for their native land. Always with the rock deals with a strong theme, drug addiction in "The Story of Lillo", to narrate the drama of a boy bogged down in drugs, who tries in vain to be reborn. In "Kaleidoscope" he sings the mood of Alberto, immersed in illusions and dreams, in an attempt to isolate himself from the chaos of the city. A state of alienation in which the protagonists of the enthralling ballad "Viandanti" are found, traveling in time, lost in the memory of faraway places. Nostalgic thoughts that also emerge in "Eolie", in which the cello, the guitar, the diatonic accordion give life to a melodious serenade in homage to Lipari and Stromboli. Then, the atmosphere becomes light in the carefree "At the faculty of letters and philosophy" and becomes enveloping in "The gift", in which the sax awakens the memory of an intense passion, and the acoustic guitar offers typical sounds of bossa nova. We continue on the wave of feelings with "L'amore di sé", in which the singer-songwriter accompanied by the harmonica relives a relationship of the finished couple, in which love for oneself prevails. Talarico concludes his poetic and musical journey with "The Foam of Days", with jazz sounds, in which he thinks back to the time that has passed, recalling moments of life and lost opportunities. - Cristina Maresca

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