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Digipack 2 Panel  Booklet 40 Pages  - Release Date: 2007 - Singer-SongWriter- Lazio


1. La Leva  4:05

2. Avanti Pop  3:26

3. InTricarico  1:13

4. Rocco e i Suoi Fratelli  4:57

5. Lu Furastiero  3:14

6. Sa Mundana Cummedia  4:34

7. La Zolfara  4:28

8. Andare Camminare Lavorare  6:12

9. Il Mio Corpo  4:38

10. La Costruzione  4:52

11. Il Camionista  4:02

12. 626  4:07

13. Quarantaquattro Gatti  3:53

14. Proposta  4:58


Next Pop is the first document of a journey still in progress, a record born on the tracks of factories, call centers, tomato fields, the real experience of a research project and artistic testimony in the world of those who work: it is an itinerant event on the edge of the old Fiat 615 truck of 1956 - always emblematic of the group - in places where the dignity of workers was violated and redeemed and which has so far touched the gates of the Fiat Sata of Melfi, Liri, the steel mills of Terni, the camps of Borgo Libertà, the Atesia of Rome, the railway of Allumiere and is already on the traces of the arms factories of Colleferro, the Italcementi of Trento, the port of Genoa and who knows how many other still stories.

Fourteen tracks, a repertoire of original arrangements made up of interpretations - choices and tracked thanks to the collaboration and the precious advice of Gianni Mura - and from unpublished pieces signed by Têtes de Bois, the album collects concrete experience, themes and some of the many guests who accompanied the band on Avanti Pop's journey. Têtes has always been an indispensable story of friends, meetings, exchanges, travel companions.

It ranges from "The lever" by Paolo Pietrangeli to "The Building" of Chico Buarque de Hollanda, by Matteo Salvatore al Zecchino d'Oro ("Quarantaquattro cats" is not perhaps a song of protest? ), passing by a classic of Piero Ciampi and a less classic by Giorgio Gaber and again Rocco Scotellaro, a poet sparkle singer of the peasant miseries of his land and Salvatore Poddighe, poet miner in the eighth rhino Sardinian, suicidal death in 1938, music by the sextet. But there is also the title track, Avanti Pop, the original song of the group, a contemporary hymn to sing (and even dance), inventions, surprises, and more.

A flow of images, collected and summarized in the booklet by the graphic instinct of Marta Dal Prato, music and thoughts in perfect style Têtes de Bois - a few seconds less than an hour - enriched by the contributions of Monica Demuru, Gianni Mura, Petra Magoni and Ferruccio Spinetti, Paolo Rossi, Giants and the Lucani Choir (Rocco De Rosa, Rocco Papaleo, Claudio Santamaria, Ulderico Pesce, Canio Loguercio). Next Pop!


The debut dates back to February 15, 1992, in Campo de 'Fiori square in Rome, under the statue of Giordano Bruno, with a concert on an old Fiat 615 NI pickup truck of 1956, bought by a wardrobe and became a stage, with songs of Ferré and Brassens, Baudelaire's poems.
In 1994 the first self-produced CD was released And even if it was not love, I work essentially on interpretations of famous French songwriters. In 1997 Emi public music Spare parts, the first record of original songs signed by the group.
'97 is also the year of the prestigious edition of Stradarolo, an international art road festival - destined to last for a decade, school and generating imitations and epigones, including "white nights" - as well as the project "Under the sky of Rome and Berlin ", in collaboration with the Stalker Group, at the metro stations of Rome and Berlin at peak hours.
Between 2000 and 2002, Têtes de Bois headed to the residence of Tuscania Theater. Experience will give life among other things to the events of the Iron River, itineraries of shows, installations and poetry between tracks and galleries of an abandoned railway, from sunset to dawn. In Paris, on June 21, 2000, at the European Music Festival, they held concerts for a whole day in the elevators of the Ministry of Finance Palace.
In 2001, they are among the organizers of the event that is held right on their truck - which will give birth to the Apollo 11 association at the Esquilino, where soon after the adventure of the Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio will take place. In 2002 comes Ferré, Love and Revolt, an album selling 18,000 copies in Italy, 4,000 in France, and the Tenco della Targa Prize as the Best Interpreter in 2002. In 2004, it is also the turn of the double Pace and Evil album.
In 2005, the Têtes de Bois engaged in the idea of the commemorative "On the crossroads", between the train and the station of Frascati and the start of the "Avanti pop" project devoted to a world of work that, in that historical moment, just seemed a forgotten topic.
In 2007, the fifth album release for the Avanti pop release, CD, was born on a 20-stage tour in the symbols of work in Italy. For this work they have been recognized as the Tenco Prize, as best performers in 2007; the PIMI Prize, 2007 Best Independent Label Meeting, and the Matteo Salvatore Prize in 2008. In February, they attended the Sanremo Festival in the duo duo. Paolo Rossi's guests arrange and interpret an unpublished Rino Gaetano, in Italy he is sick. Following is the participation as a resident-band at Nothing Staff, the transmission of La7 conducted by Antonello Piroso.
In the same year, on the front of the festival, they realized the artistic project "TRAMiamo" on the Roma - Pantano railway train and inaugurate the project "41º Parallelo", which will last until 2010. From the project will be the 41st Parallel Women's Orchestra. Of 2008 is released Avanti Pop. The truck logs (editions the poster), a book by Timisoara Pinto and docufilm on the group trip in the workplace.
In 2010, Goodbike, CD of Têtes de Bois, is entirely dedicated to bicycle and published by Ala Bianca / Warner Bros.). The record was ranked second in the category "best disk" at the Tenco 2010 Prize. From the opening song Alfonsina and the bike a videoclip was made by Agostino Ferrente with the editing and the photography of the video-maker Paolo Scarfò, who has as interpreters astrophysic Margherita Hack and Militant A rapper of Frontal Assaults. The video has won the special prize at the Italian Independent Video Clip 2010 Award.
In 2009, the Têtes de Bois were part of the cast and soundtrack of the film Red Shadows by Citto Maselli. Again on the big screen in 2011, they are the musicians of the movie Passannante directed by Sergio Colabona.
In 2011 I am the resident band of the Fratelli e sorelle di trasmissione televisiva di Italia conducted by Veronica Pivetti on La7. 2011 is a year of mobilizations in the world of culture and the Tetes de Bois support with a series of concerts the protest of the busy Dance Theater and the Palace Cinema (which will host the preview of the pedal stage) and adhere to the open network Culture Well Comune . But 2011 is mainly the year of the Pedal Stage, the first ever eco-live performance concert in the world (audio, light and video) from the energy produced by the bicycle audience. The show debuts first in Bari and is subsequently replicated throughout Italy.
In 2012, the Têtes de Bois are twenty years old and, to celebrate them, they publish the Never Fashionable anthology, which contains many unpublished works. They also make the soundtrack of You did not convince me - Pietro Ingrao a heretic of Filippo Vendemmiati


Andrea Satta: Voice

Carlo Amato: Low, Computer

Angelo Pelini: Piano, Keyboards

Luca De Carlo: Trumpet

Maurizio Pizzardi: Guitars

Lorenzo Gentile: Battery


Antonio Infantino: Cupa Cupa, Tamburello

Monica Demuru: Voice

Gianni Mura: Voice

Petra Magoni: Voice

Ferruccio Spinetti: Double Bass

Giants: Voice

Paolo Rossi: Voice

Alex Orciai: Double Bass

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