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Vinyl - Release Date: 2015 · Format: 2LP - Lăutărească - Romania


Dance Of The Firemen [Sîrba Pompierilor]

A La Turk [Turcoaicǎ Angali]

Sorrow, Only My Sorrow [Doru Meu E Numai Dor]

The Return Of The Magic Horses [Intoarcerea Cailor Magicǎ]

A Gypsy Had A House [O Tsigan Ave O Casǎ]


I'm A Gambling Man [Barbugiu]

Absinth I Drink You, Absinth I Eat You [Pelîn Bau, Pelîn Mǎnînc]

Cacurica Dances [Joc A Lui Cacurica]

A Stork Crosses The Danube, In The Company Of A Raven [Barza Nachlea A Pai, Arachlieape La Ciorai]

Green Leaf, Green Clover [Foaie Verde, Foaie Trifoai]


Carolina [Carolina]

Bride In A Red Dress [Louloudji]

Back To Clejani [Jea Kere]

Little Buds [Mugur, Mugurel]


Come Along, Beaty
The Ballad Of The Dictator
Love Song


Recorded in Bucharest during three special concerts and additional studio recordings in december 2000, "Band Of Gypsies" is the fourth album by Romanian band Taraf de Haïdouks.
Always eager to expand the scope of their music, the "best Gypsy band in the world" (as recently described by UK daily The Independent)  decided to confront their styles to those of other Balkan countries by inviting Gypsy virtuoso musicians from Macedonia (the Kocani Orkestar brass band), Bulgaria (clarinet player Filip Simeonov) and Turkey (percussionist Tarik Tuysuzoglu) to join them on stage. The result is a series of exciting mixtures in which magical moments abound.
Along with these ambitious compositions one will rediscover with great pleasure the fantastic atmosphere of a Taraf de Haïdouks live performance in a collection of previously-unrecorded pieces featuring the various singers and soloists in top form and particularly galvanized by the importance of the event. These were indeed the band's first ever concerts in the Romanian capital; after ten years of international success the Taraf were still not recognized in their own country (maybe because they were perceived as Gypsies rather than as musicians).


Ever since their first visit to western Europe back in 1991, Taraf de Haïdouks have been considered as the epitome of Gypsy music's fabulous vitality. They've relentlessly toured all around the globe, have released acclaimed albums and a DVD, and their countless fans include people like the late Yehudi Menuhin, Pina Bausch, Kronos Quartet (with whom they've recorded and performed), actor Johnny Depp (alongside whom they appeared in the film "The Man Who Cried"), fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto (who invited them to be models-cum-musicians for his Paris and Tokyo shows) and many more. Meanwhile, the band members seem to have been relatively unaffected by all this attention, they've retained their sense of humour, and their way of life (they still reside in their modest village of Clejani, in the Valachian countryside).

The Taraf de Haïdouks is a group of Gypsy “Lautari” (traditional musicians) who come from the little Romanian village of Clejani. A dozen brilliant instrumentalists and singers, with ages ranging roughly from 20 to 80, they had never performed outside their region before they were “discovered” by Stéphane Karo & Michel Winter, two young Belgian music fans who fell in love with their music during a trip to Romania in 1990, and who decided to try to share this passion with the rest of the world... Released in 1991, their first album (“Musique des Tsiganes de Roumanie”), introduced Western listeners to the rich musical world of the Romanian Gypsies, which includes medieval ballads, Turkish-flavoured dance tunes from the Balkans, and characteristic vocal inflections which are reminiscent of the Gypsy people’s origins in the Indian sub-continent. 

The album was greeted with enthusiasm by public and media alike. It immediately topped the European World Music Chart, and the Taraf de Haîdouks started touring all over Europe. Their warmth, their eccentricity and their sheer pleasure of playing quickly conquered even the most blasé audiences. They proved to be equally at ease in concert halls, on the stages of major festivals (Montreux,  Womad, Bourges, Roskilde, the Barbican Centre etc.) or during their all-night playing and busking sessions in bars or on the streets...

The band‘s chosen name pays tribute to the Haïdouks, those legendary Robin Hood-like robbers who are the heroes of many medieval ballads which are part of the Taraf ‘s repertoire (as for ‘Taraf’, it simply means ‘orchestra’, thus ‘orchestra of honourable brigands’...) .

The Taraf's line-up has gradually evolved: new musicians and singers joined the band (violonist Costica, double bass player Viorel, vocalist Pasalan, accordionist Marin Manole), Bulgarian clarinet player Filip Simeonov (who was invited for the "Band Of Gypsies" recording and stayed on). Four of the older Taraf members sadly passed away (Ion Manole, Ilie Iorga, Neacsu and Cacurica). And now a 3rd generation of players has started joining the band, as the sons of Caliu, Costica and Viorel -all of them brilliant musicians in their early twenties- have started carrying the torch.


Taraf de Haïdouks

Neculae Neacsu: voice, violin
Ilie Iorga: voice
Dumitru Baicu "Cacurica": voice, small cymbalum
Paul Giuclea "Pasalan": voice, violin
Marin P. Manole: voice, accordion
Gheorghe Falcaru: flute
Anghel Gheorghe "Caliu": violin
Constantin Lautaru "Costica Boieru": violin, voice
Ionel Manole "Ionitsa": accordion, voice
Marin Manole "Marius": accordion
Ion Tanase "Ionica": small and large cymbalums
Viorel Vlad: double bass
Cristinel Turturica: large cymbalum

The Guests:

Filip Simeonov : clarinet
Tarik Tuysuzoglu : darbuka
Roger Manole : voice

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