TABERNA MYLAENSIS - E Vinniru Du Mari... Federicu

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CD Booklet 8 Pages English Texts - Release Date: 2004 - Sicilian Folk Music


1. Mare Nostrum  4:54
2. Federicu  8:01
3. Esotica Danza  3:33
4. E Vinniru Du Mari 5:45
5. A Sicilia Addivintò Putenti  5:17
6. Quannu Nascisti Tu  2:28
7. U Tistamentu  6:57
8. Musica Canta  3:24
9. Na Canzuna D'Amuri 4:26

This album assemble instrumental songs,with Mediterranean and middleage music influence and ballades about Frederick II of Swabia and the Sicilian Poetry School.



 Discover the popular Sicilian music by the ensemble of Milazzo, the ancient town of Mylae.


Luciano Maio (born in 1950 in Milazzo, Sicily) has been a propagator of Sicilian culture all his life, as a poet, artist, painter, singer, fisherman, sculptor, lyricist, and as a composer.


In the early 1970's he founded 'Taberna Mylaensis' and initiated the recovery of the great traditional music of Sicily, on the wave of the student revolts of 1968 with its expectations for social renovation.


In the years to follow, 'Taberna Mylaensis' has had various line-ups, with Luciano Maio as its steady centre during which the band released 10 LPs and CDs.


The repertoire, which originally focused on protest songs, gradually shifted to a more traditional and contemporary approach. Sicily, the centre of the old Mediterranean world located on the crossroads of trade routes, has been influenced by Normans, Arabs, Greeks, French, Spanish, and the Maghreb culture. The music of Taberna Mylaensis bears traces of all these cultures. Luciano Maio's compositions are based on Sicilian and Mediterranean traditions and his lyrics (written in Sicilian dialect) often depict historical events.

Luciano Maio  voce - Mandola - Chitarra - Marranzano
Antonio Vasta  Fisarmonica - Organetto - Piano - Zampogna a Paru -Voce
Antonio Putzu  Flauto Di Canna - Clarinetto - Sax Soprano - Voce
Mario Incudine  Chitarra - Bouzuki - Mandolino - Chitarra Battente - Voce
Vincenzo Castellana  Tammorra - Tamburelli - Djembe - Darbuka - Voce

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