SILVIO TROTTA - Confessioni Di Un Musicante (Silvio Trotta Canta Branduardi)

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Digipack with 3 sleeves artistic paper containing  poster 24x36 - Release Date: 26/07/2018 - Singer-SongWriter - Tuscany - CD


1. Ballo In Fa Diesis Minore  6:17

2. Il Dono Del Cervo  4:30

3. La Pulce D'Acqua  4:23

4. State Buoni Se Potete  2:19

5. Vanità Di Vanità  3:05

6. Il Dito e La Luna  3:09

7. La Raccolta  3:29

8. Sotto Il Tiglio  3:24

9. Il Sultano Di Babilonia e La Prostituta  3:50

10. Confessioni Di Un Malandrino  5:05

11. Cogli La Prima Mela  3:30

12. Lamento Di Un Uomo Di Neve  3:44

13. Si Può Fare  4:13

14. Il Ciliegio  4:04

15. La Serie Dei Numeri  4:14

16. Il Poeta Di Corte  3:37

17. La Giostra  6:36

18. Alla Fiera Dell'Est  5:18

My new job is the realization of a desire: to involve in a common project artists coming from different musical worlds but united by the passion for a timeless repertoire like that of the great Angelo Branduardi. My admiration and my interest in the Master has distant roots, I have always traced and recognized in my music my own great passions: Italian popular music, Northern European sounds, ancient sacred and profane music and above all research and recovery of the intangible cultural heritage handed down to every corner of the world.
The project, born in 2013 and enriched in itinere of the passionate contribution of many friends musicians, is the metabolic reinterpretation of some passages of his immense repertoire.
With one of them I connote my work; "Confessions of a Marauder" becomes "Confessions of a Musician" a noun that more than any other belongs to me. I have brought my forty years into reworkings
of assiduous attendance of the multifaceted world of folk, the colors of traditional instruments that always thrill me and, in the awareness of the inimitability of the musical world of Angelo Branduardi,
"Now that I have arrived here, let me sing before leaving".

Silvio Trotta


Passionate researcher of popular traditions as well as refined multi-instrumentalist, Silvio Trotta began a personal path of study through the music of revival, first starting from a careful investigation of the Molise tradition and then later extended to his land of adoption the Tuscany and to the sounds of the Apennine ridge. The pride of his career is certainly the Musicians of the Piccolo Borgo, a group active since the early eighties and with whom he has recorded several fine records, more recent are the experiences with Triotresca and Viulan, with whom he dedicated himself to the Apennine music and collaborations with the Tuscan storyteller Riccardo Marasco and singer Jessica Lombardi.


Silvio Trotta: Voice, Mandolin, Mandocello, Beating Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Tambourine, Tammorra.

Malandrini In Folk:

Alessandro Bruni: Classical Guitar, Mandolin, Bufù, Banjo.

Andrea Nocentini: Drums, percussion.

Massimo Giuntini: Uilleann Pipes, Irish Flutes, Bouzouki, Bodhrann, Charango.

Maurizio Bozzi: Electric Bass, Double Bass.

Michela Fracassi: Violin, Viola.

Stefano Tartaglia: Straight Flutes, Piffero


Christian Di Fiore: Bagpipe, Organetto.

Paola Pasquini: Viola.

Carmelo Giallombardo: Viola.

Claudia Bombardella: Voice, Baritone Sax.

Nando Citarella: Voice, Tammorra.

Cesare Guasconi: Ghironda.

Marco Albiani: Electric Bass

I Viulàn:

Lele Chiodi: Voice

Carlo Pagliai: Voice

Lauro Bernardoni: Voice

Giorgio Albiani: Acoustic Guitars

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