SILVIA CONTI - A piedi nudi (psichedeliche ipnotiche nudità)

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Psychedelic emotions of those who look at themselves, hypnotic choices for the need to return nudity to the desire to return to their origins: the new album of original songs by Silvia Conti reveals a pop-rock of great design author. It is a pleasure for the artistic production of Gianfilippo Boni and the musician Roberto Mangione (author of some pieces of the disc), together with Aldo Coppola's RadiciMusic Records, which has edited the publication and now forms an armored front for the music of Tuscan territory and not only. "Barefoot (psychedelic hypnotic nudity)" is a work that demands and demands dedication while scrolling through the entire tracklist; Among the songs are the "analogue" translation of the famous "Dancing Barefoot" by Patti Smith and a spiritual melting pot with a recent Bob Dylan pearl. They are chapters of stories that browse the life that happens every day under the bare feet of each of us, everywhere, with that feminine point in the denunciation that gives sweetness and romance to the observation of everything that lives around. A social record, a love disc, an absolutely personal album that returns Silvia Conti to his own music after years of great collaborations, theatrical performances and that Sanremo Festival, far away for 32 years. A pop that embraces the world's shadows of certain Italian provinces, which captures rock-colored over-ocean rock and somehow bare the actuality of that precise sound, which has character and a lot of craft. It returns sacredness to the work, both in music and in words, hoping to come back to contemplating the art of a song as a moment of growth rather than a trivial filler in the background.

"Barefoot (psychedelic hypnotic nudity)" - RadiciMusic © 2017 -

I'm less than Leti
introduction to the disc, is a talk / instrumental, in the background a list of discs that have marked my life. The title refers to the place where the song was born.
song of the artistic awakening and of the desire to get in the game.
in my opinion the most beautiful piece of the record, written in an infamous working time under the sun transforming the raw reality into a dream plane.
The singing of the monkey
Western civilization, not far from its animal origins despite our efforts.
Opus sufferta
introspective ballad. Mute dialogue between two lovers: one plays, the other writes.
Dancing on bare feet
Patti Smith's "analogue" translation, in perfect harmony with the title of the disc.
ironic blues, drawn from a true story, about the end of friendship and coexistence (not of love); written while the "counterpart" was preparing the suitcases.
Tom Tom
track of rebirth: to get rid of a really obscure period that has given rise to this record.
song for a friend, writing in memory of a period lived in Borgognissanti.
Do not forget my words
I liked it as a love song (usually hate it) and we had a great cross-over with a recent piece of Bob Dylan.
the song was born in other shades and the arrangements were MI-DO-RE-MI, hence the title: it talks about sleep, dreams and the return to vigil.
All together now
ghost track born after a rich lunch with friends to play Beatles.


Gianfilippo Boni: producer and sound engineer

Fabrizio Morganti: trainer on the drum and percussion locomotive

Lorenzo "God" Strong: Fantastic low, talented and timid

Lele Fontana: all kinds of keyboards and good humor

Roberto Mangione: guitars, design and delusions

Tiziano Mazzoni: Elegant blues guitars

Claudio Giovagnoli: breath-taking instruments

Dario Castiello: percussion and African instruments of all kinds

contributions and choirs
Giovanni Vaccari - Mani Naimi - Marco Cantini - Cristina Banchi - Francesca Macconi - Hugolini - Francesco "Frank" Cusumano - Letizia Papi - Cristiana Ionda

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