SHERRITA - Time Of The Butterfly

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Digipack 2 Panel  Booklet 20 Pages English Texts - Release Date: 2010 - Soul - Italy/America


1. Right On Time 3.37

2. Daddy's Girl 3.37

3. Time Of The Butterfly 4,58

4. You Came For Me 4.51

5. Secret Place 4.25

6. Hey Now Lady 3.58

7. You Better Listen 4.19

8. You Are 4.51

9. Your Love 4.43

10. Heart Alabaster 5.27

11. Let There Be 5.45

EXTRA CONTENTS: You Better Listen (VIDEOCLIP) 4,33

It's called "Time of the butterfly" and is his first album. Despite this Sherrita is certainly not a newbie of music, far from it: she has a career of lyrical and gospel singer in Los Angeles, New York and in recent years Italy. The experience between the stages of California and those of Broadway has certainly helped, but this time it was quite another thing: "Singing pieces written by others is beautiful, but it is very different than to interpret their own," says Sherrita , who presented his new work with a showcase at the Milan Taxi Blues: "I did not realize this project to enrich myself but because I felt the need, even spiritual, I wanted to make a soul record, inspired by artists like Alicia Keys and Mary J In these years I am collaborating with the Nicolini Gospel Choir of Piacenza, of which I am also the assistant director, and this has been an experience that has helped me a lot to grow and inspire me to write this album ". The one with our country is a very close relationship, above all because of its strong faith. He lives in Pavia and is married to Antonio Puccio, his manager. He also collaborated with Molella for the single dance "Dream of Christmas", but especially with Mondo Marcio in the song "Follow the Star", which she called "an electrifying experience". "This is a very personal album", confesses the singer, who shows off a nice belly of 8 months: "I started composing the songs in my sleep, humming them to myself and then the next day I started writing for hours. In the end I went to my friend musician Gianmaria Scattolin and I convinced him to arrange them together. "Even the single who promotes" Time of the butterfly "talks about faith:" It's called 'You better listen' and talks about that little voice that "It is within us every day, which tells us what is just and what is wrong ... We often do not listen to it, but we should do it the most obsessive, after all I am always a gospel singer" he concludes smiling. In the album there is also a song dedicated to Sherrita's father, "Daddy's girl". "I am very grateful", explains the singer, "because he has always seen the best part of me and has always encouraged me". "Time of the butterfly" was completely self-produced. "The crisis in the discography makes itself unhappy, and when it comes to making soulful music the issue gets even more complicated", he concludes: "Anyway, I'm happy with the result, for the first time I've created something that I really feel. writing songs is like having children ". And as he says, he strokes his belly.


Sherrita: Voice, Plan


Gianmaria Scattolin: Guitar

Sirio Burchiani: Bass

Enrico Salvato: Piano

Cristian Recchia: Plano

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