SCRAPS ORCHESTRA - Il Diavolo Di Mezzogiorno

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Digipack 2 Panel  Booklet 28Pages  - Release Date: 2003 - Singer-SongWriter- Lombardy



1. Acque Ed Altre Acque  2:54

2. Dritto Di Prua  3:31

3. Mal D'Africa (Ilaria, Miriam e i Sentieri Delle Banane)  5:26

4. Il Mercato Delle Ossa  2:57

5. Il Danzatore Del Tango  7:01

6. Kursk Polka  6:25

7. On. Matteotti Socialista (Il Falco Alla Colomba)  6:50

8. L'Epidurale  2:16

9. L'Animale  3:02

10. Protomartiri  5:26

11. Gli Occhiali Di Edo (Matti da Slegare)  7:15

12. Giuliano Il Siciliano 4:40

13. Quasi Niente di Nuovo Dal Fronte Occidentale  4:45

14. Come La Trapezista Sposò Il Lanciatore Di Coltelli  4:31

15. Il Diavolo Di Mezzogiornoi  5:48



Elegance and intensity are the two most appropriate adjectives to describe the music of the SCRAPS ORCHESTRA, a winner of the important City of Recanati Prize.
THE DIRECTION OF MEZZOGIORNO is their third album, fifteen tracks whose expressive maturity, with no reference to jazz, is enriched by the contributions of Lella Costa, Dario Fo, Alda Merini. In the work, he appreciates the exquisite collaboration of the clarinetist Roberta Visentini and, more than in other works, the architectural arches and strings of Marco Remondini.
Also in love with Tom Waits and Ivano Fossati, De Andrè, De Gregori, SCRAPS ORCHESTRA moves easily in the chiaroscuro atmospheres that make up the cd. The musical structure is made up of excellent musicians who give the DIAVOLO DI MEZZOGIORNO a poetic development of the themes, often of great human thickness, of which the album is concerned. Cracked but not too hard, realistic but also ironic, the words of the album embrace social issues such as Law 180, the most remote story such as Matteotti's crime, or recently, with a tense song dedicated to Ilaria Alpi.
Around the Cd, co-produced by BorderLand-Confine Association and Gonzaga Arredi, in collaboration with the Department of Social Policies of the Province of Mantua and distributed by the CD Manifesto, revolves a support project for Emergency and Coop. CHV Onlus of Suzzara- Social Habitats Project.
The work was premiered at the Festivaletteratura 2003 by collecting enthusiastic consents.
THE MEDIEVAL DIAGRAM contains all the songs written by Stefano Boccafoglia - orchestra singer - except "On. Matteotti, socialist "by Remondini / Boccafoglia," the tango dancer "by Signoretti / Boccafoglia and" Water and other waters "by Lella Costa / Remondini. Together with the latter, the CD sees the participation of Alda Merini who specially makes for this work an unpublished tribute to Basaglia and Dario Fo who draws, with dissectionary traits, a tragicomic "Guernica" in reverse. There are also important written testimonies such as that of Gino Strada, on the war and Franco Rotelli on the "uneasiness" and the still-current values of the law 180.



The first songs are born in 1992, almost an embryo of the project, which is still in progress.
Initial experiences emerged in 1997 in a self-produced CD titled "Navigate the ego", which clearly outlines the terrain within which this formation loves to move.
On the wave of this work, in 1999 came the participation, resulting in victory, at the City of Recanati Prize of the song with the song "Speedboat (things that happen)".
Following this important event, a new product is born, a new CD, "Moving Bodies", which is based on a common project on "discomfort".
A piece of this work, "Red in the evening", is selected from the editing of radio broadcast by RAI Radio 2 CATERPILLAR and goes into the same compilation that is produced annually. In 2000, Scraps participated in the broadcast and received a further confirmation when the Tenco Club members believe Scraps meritoriously participate in the Tenco 2000 Prize. Of 2003 is the new "recording fatigue": "The Devil of Mezzogiorno". Presented in preview at the Mantua Literature Festival, edited by "CD of the Manifesto", he made contributions from Lella Costa, Dario Fo, Alda Merini and Franco Rotelli. The entire CD sales profit is allocated to "Coop. C.H.V. "di Suzzara (Mantova) for the construction and operation of a CasAlloggio for disabled people with no family or who are going through emergency situations and" Emergency "to fund the Karbala Surgical Center. In 2004, 2005 and 2006, the Scraps Orchestra participates in the 1st, 3rd and 3rd MANTOVA MUSICA FESTIVAL, the "counterfestival" of the song of the author. In 2006, Scraps is on tour with Nando Dalla Chiesa in the presentation of his latest book "The Rebels" and is in 2007 the release of the new "Black Sepia" CD ever edited by the Manifesto with a preface written by Nando Dalla Chiesa and with the participation of Paolo Fresu and Fausto Mesolella (Avion Travel), whose results will be entirely devolved to the CHV Cooperative of Suzzara (mn) for the construction and management of a CasAlloggio for disabled people without family.
Always in 2007 participates in the prestigious Time Jazz at Berchidda and composes the soundtracks for the film / documentary on the March of Peace Perugia-Assisi and for the documentary "On the traces of Ilaria and Miran" on the story of Ilaria Alpi and Miran Hrovatin produced by Ilaria Alpi Award.
Since 2008 he has participated in all the editions of the Mantua Literature Festival with performances in the company of Lella Costa in the Mantua Circondarial House with the concert "TERRA, emigrants born" and "singular feminine" and accompanying the journalist / writer Stefano Scansani, on the re-reading of different routes around the city.
In 2009, during the fortieth anniversary of the massacre of Piazza Fontana, they participated in the theatrical performance "12.12.69, the bomb", realized in collaboration with TV Days, at the Piccolo Teatro di Milano, with Laura Marinoni, Marco Balbi and the Compagnia of Evasi.
Over the last two years he has been using "live" shares of Paolo Fresu, Fausto Mesolella and Gianluca Petrella.

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Stefano Boccafoglia: Piano, Voice, Organetti, Accordion, Piano to Tamburo

Giorgio Signoretti: Electric Guitars, Banjjo

Marco Remondini: Cello, Sax

Maurizio Albertoni: Drums, Percussion, Urban Solids

Marco Cocconi: Low

Roberta Visentini: Clarinet, Basset Horn

Livio Mignoli: Wedding and Funeral Promoters

Massimo Greco: Trumpet


Lella Costa


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