ROY PACY & CORLEONE - Blaccahènze

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Vinyl Date:2013 · Format: LP


Side A

1. Cinematic Convertions of Murder

2. Moshpit Comedy

3. Lookin’ for Work

4. Double Threesome

Side B

5. Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu

6. Tromba Loeil Reloaded

7. Budstep Infected



Back Corleone, one of the many musical souls of Roy Paci, and in many ways the least known to the general public. Not only experimental jazz and avant-garde, in Corleone are placed references to New York no wave, the great pollutions style projects like Naked City John Zorn and Fantomas and Mr. Bungle friend Mike Patton, echoes of 'Live electric and brutal 'by Miles Davis, the raw energy of Mongezi Feza, the great lesson of Lester Bowie and absolute respect for his contemporary and friend Dave Douglas. A background in which Roy can not be improvised. Roy begins in 1986, just 17 years, thanks to the sextet As Sikilli saxophonist Stefano Maltese his unconventional path in jazz. Following years Zu and Trionacria, formations respectively jazzcore and experimental jazz he cofondate between 1997 and 2001. The Ex & Brass Unbound and Mondo Cane, are other experiences in this development. 'Blaccahénze' (the title taken from the dialect of a village in Abruzzo, Montorio which means casino, brothel) leaves us to understand that there is very little stereotypical jazz. The music from the first impact sounds rough, weird, deviant and so unsettling that does not betray the deep roots of the 'terronismo' Roy Paci. "I really wanted to record a second album after the first in 2005," Wei Wu Wei ", because I had the need to express my new musical horizons, the compositions written in all these years the result of my experiences with many outstanding musicians and a specific work on my research clivotonali with the combination of musical instruments to electronics. "Roy Paci involved in the project of the musicians who decidedly unorthodox musical footprint, gaining impact unsettling and are not labeled. The compositions have deliberately a universal thanks to the various techniques of improvisation is not necessarily jazz. With this album Roy Paci tries to convey the emotional flow of the world around us ranging from the poignant and visceral emotions of his land to the roughness of the latter fierce millennium. It is a substitute for jazz manner, a workshop open to diverse influences and close to a certain type of music film full of acousmatic sounds. The sound of Corleone is also characterized by the lack of bass guitar in an attempt to enhance the medium-high frequencies to get a sharper sound, energetic and frontal impact.

ROY PACI trumpeter, composer and arranger, began playing the piano at a very young and is brought to the trumpet at age 10, when he joined the band of his country. At 13 he is already the first trumpeter of the band and began playing with groups of Sicilian traditional jazz, he began performing in jazz clubs most famous in Italy. Since 1990 takes several trips to South America, the Canary Islands and Senegal, continuing to train and develop his musical influences. Once back in Italy, he began a long journey through the music that brings him and led him to an endless series of collaborations and tour relentlessly worldwide. When Roy Paci is involved in musical projects, film, television and benefits, such as the Amnesty International campaign against violence against women, the project Emergency for children and superband of Rezophonic that with AMREF aims to bring water in the region of Kaijido, in Africa. To date 4 wells were built thanks to the support of Roy.

Roy Paci: Conduction, Trumpet, Flugelhorn

Gugliielmo Pagnozzi: Alto Sax

Marco Motta: Baritone Sax

Alberto Capelli: Guitars

Marco Pettinato a.k.a. John Lui: Synth, Bass, Guitar, Sampler

Andrea "Vadrum" Vadrucci: Drums

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