ANDREA ANDRILLO - Uomini, Bestie Ed Eroi

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Digipack with 3 sleeves artistic paper containing  poster 24x36 - Release Date: 06/07/2018 - Singer-SongWriter - Sardinia- CD


1. Forse Sognare

2. Deserti Di Sale

3. Irene

4. Aveva Undici Anni

5. Paternidadi

6. Atlantide Primma Della Pioggia

7. Nata Dal Silenzio

8. Su Patriotu

9. Gorizia, Tu Sei Maledetta

"Men, beasts and heroes" is a record of songs and as such will be evaluated, appreciated, disgusted or used as a frisbee. Everything will depend above all on its ability to entertain.
Once this has been established, however, in a different perspective from the simple entertainment (that is in a perspective perhaps only more venerable), while listening, it may happen to some to perceive between a song and the other as excerpts of the story of a shared journey, fragments of pages from the diary of a deserter or the voice of an exhausted combatant mired in an urban desert. Or the voice of who knows who else, as for this. If this happens, it will be by virtue of the special relationship for which an artist blessed by his audience can get to share dreams, visions and ... and stories with it.
Some of these narratives will be imbued with challenges and solitude - and challenges to solitude - (Salt Deserts); others will arise from epiphanies of awareness (Atlantis before the rain); or they will be the result of courageous choices, anger, sacrifice and rebellion (Su Patriotu). We will run into the wiles of those who want peace, starting with their own, if not that then, like many, is able only to make conjectures without ever having even the courage to get closer to True Peace (Irene); and we will run the risk of being stranded in the mourning of a humanity that fails to work out its sense of pain, while it changes names and generations but people and cities continue to burn in the grip of a horrible repeat (He was eleven). Here and there, hints of infinite sweetness (born of silence) and even hope in tomorrow (Paternidadi), to make perhaps less harsh the atmosphere of a story that begins with a violent gesture of defiance to gravity (Perhaps dreaming)
and ends with an anathema (Gorizia you are cursed). Regardless of how we like to listen to it, however, this record will be the first of a group of three. The discs that will compose the trilogy that we are going to start here, even if different from each other, will be related to one another because of a style that I hope will be recognizable even in the moments when I will be more rash. Without tirarcela, but simply because the journey continues through the alleys of Babel, in the second album we will speak another language and we will cross the sea virtually only moving away from a bilingual Sardinia that shines here even when we do not speak Sardinian. But our feet will remain firmly planted in the center of that world from which we left and from which we stubbornly turn to Humanity, feeling part of it. It is banal to conclude by saying that the third disk will close the circle by further stopping the cards, the sounds, the boundary lines, the languages and the heartbeats. And if this is so it seems complicated, just remember that we are talking about three records of songs and everything is fine. Listener, I leave you in the company of this first record. I hope you will like it. Otherwise consider the frisbee hypothesis. I do not offend me. Instead of songs, stories and harmonies, with this record you will still get some good moments of healthy outdoor recreation. Heaven knows if we need it. Maybe more than songs that ooze life.
Cagliari, April 2018


He loves to define himself, and certainly not for caprice, an "anomalous singer-songwriter".
Closed his "electric" career with Man on the Margin (two records, one of which for the Sardinian label AudioStudio in 1998 on poems by the poet William Blake and one in 2007 for the Italian label Velut Luna), gets back into play soloist in 2010 collaborating with "Galleria Magenta52" Design in Vimercate (Milan) on the occasion of the exhibition "Tracce" by the Armenian painter Gaguik Martirosyan of his house in Paris. This is a collaboration with the Magnetic Ars Lab in 2017 with the music for a "dada" animated video by Iranian director Majid Aghili on images taken from Martirosyan's paintings. Starting from his timid return on the scene, Andrillo dedicated himself to writing new songs but also to widen the range of collaborations, convinced of the importance of networking, exchanging ideas to resist the generalized wild flattening that seems to have crept into our everyday life. He brings to music several poems by Vincenzo Pisanu, one of the greatest poets in Sardinian-Campdanese language, he performs with the poet Rossana Abis, the group of "mobile" poetry Matitate and plays during the readings of the Senegalese poet Boucar Wade. the painter / street artist Fabio Buonanno, who paints the iconic images that will end up on the first EP of Andrillo, in 2015, entitled "Atlantis before the rain". 2015 is the year in which the delays are finally put aside and following a collaboration (not completely completed) with S'Ard Music, the digital EP Atlantis is released before the rain. Later, together with Magnetica Ars Lab, he produced a noise version of an acoustic piece written on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre. Also this song / video (United Nothing: Srebrenica, July 11th, 1995), with subtitles in Italian, is available on youtube. In 2018 for the RadiciMusic Records label comes out with the CD Men, Beasts and Heroes.


Andrea Andrillo: Voice, Acoustic Guitar

Silvano Lobina: Low

Roberto Massa: Slide Guitar, Electric Guitar

Alessandro Sacchitella: Battery

Alessandro Atzori: Battery

Gianluca Pischedda: Cello

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