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CD Booklet 8 Pages  - Release Date: 2002 - Music Popular -Calabria

1. Vai  3:01
2. Fimmana  4:02
3. 'Mbiviti nattru 5:15
4. Scumpigghjiu 3:17
5. Preghiera  2:39
6. Racconto  2:19
7. Nui simu  3:00
8. Il traffico dei popoli  4:20
9. Vola vola  4:06
10. A morti non mi tocca  3:36
11. Navigando  5:08
12. Il richiamo  2:32

And 'the scene today of Quartaumentata group that from the depths of Calabria, precisely from Locri, and from their hearts give us an extremely interesting work like the Calabrian band we previously reported (Phaleg, Agora, Xicrò).
Born in 1998 and as early as 99 is released their first album titled "A nights is made dinnu ..." with eleven new tracks inspired by the tradition and the Calabrian musical culture. In this work, there will be investments of Danilo Cat of Phaleg and Nino Rocco, storytellers.
The Quartaumentata are brilliantly committed to revitalize the language vernacular tradition of their addizionandola land of new and intensely exciting sounds, atmospheres and lyrical, as it should happen for the revival of traditional music in the third millennium, with all the possible contamination given to us by the various peoples that arrive in the Calabrian lands.
The Quartaumentata are obviously four, increased by various collaborations according to the requirements. Beautiful voice of Paul Sofia as well as the songs that he enjoys composing; very intriguing and appasionanti the mandolin and the guitar Salvatore Gullace, fundamental low of Joseph Platani, co-author of the songs. Then state the percussionist Massimo Cusato, young but already well-known contributor to Massimo Ranieri, Niccolò Fabi, Lucilla Galeazzi and several others, as well as organizer of Locri ethnic music festival. Fantastic Four process in close collaboration a truly fascinating work, "SAILING".
Us a selection of the most interesting pieces is difficult to make because the cd is explained and you can listen in one breath with no way to stop, like a fairy tale of yesteryear .: Scene where the people involved landings, "a thousand people dancing on the heart of the earth, musical instruments against the vice of war "of" the peoples of the traffic. " As well as the instrumental song "Sailing" can not leave us indifferent before the image of an immense sea without boundaries, a great mother who embraces all peoples without categorizations and discriminatory towards the various classifications, including a sea in a large planet and lands extraordinarily diverse cultures that now more than ever claim to their diversity and their identities in the face of the planetary globalization, cancellations identity and endless wars. "We are all a great country ... although you have to laugh, Cicciuzzi, we call Peppe and Ntoni" we are the beautiful tarantella "Nui simulated" as "A dead does not touch me."
But without detracting from the beautiful "Fimmana", "Prayer" and all other tracks (and we reiterate that it is really rare to find a completely interesting cd), we pass to a "lead track": "Go!". Rhythm continuously engaging and pressing for a beautiful song "despite" grafted on an explosive tarantella with guitar samples "blues".
Tarantula Rubra - www.tarantularubra.it
The Quartaumentata is a Locrian group (Reggio Calabria) ethnic / folk music.
Quartaumentata of the group was founded in 1998 from the encounter of four artistic Calabrian musicians from different backgrounds (jazz, pop, classical): the drafting of the meeting is the music of the theater project "Spontaneous Group". The band's name derives musical interval origin of augmented fourth, very present in the Mediterranean musical culture that characterizes unmistakably their sound. [1]
Strong theatrical experience, begin to compose their first album orienting music towards the rediscovery of the Calabrian musical tradition but reworked and contaminated with melodies, atmospheres and world music rhythms.
Lyrically the Quartaumentata focus on intimate themes and stories of everyday life, narrated by alternating the use of Italian to that of the Calabrian dialect.



Paolo Sofia - Voice

Peppe Platani - Basso

Salvatore Gullace - Guitar - Mandolin - Nashtakar

Massimo Cusato -  Percussion


Francesco Loccisano . Guitar

Claudio "Pitacione" Passavanti - Accordion - Keyboards

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