PIPPO POLLINA - La Storia Non Conosce Padroni

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Vinyl 180 gr. Gatefold - Date: 2012 · Format: LP - Singer-Songwriter




1 - Finnegan's Wake feat. Franco Battiato


2 - Due Di Due


3 - Il Giorno Del Falco feat. Inti-Illimani


4 - Amsterdam


5 - Chiaramonte Gulfi feat. Javier Girotto


6 - Versi Per La Libertà




7 - Leo (con Orchestra Sinfonica Conservatorio di Zurigo)


8 - Signore Da Qui Si Domina La Valle (con Orchestra Sinfonica Conservatorio di Zurigo)


9 - Il Cameriere Del Principato ()on Orchestra Sinfonica Conservatorio di Zurigo)


10 - Canzone Quarta (con Gli Archi della Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini)


11 - Canzone Sesta (con Gli Archi della Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini)

Notes of stories and Pippo Pollina, a combination that for several years plows through the difficult waters of Songwriters. The small, brave independent label notes Stories makes an unexpected step and publishes his first vinyl record after a large production of CDs that they see in the catalog, over the same Pippo Pollina, artists such as Claudio Lolli, the heavy portion of the clouds, les anarchistes, George Earl of notes and many other absolute value. The vinyl disc that bears the imprint of Pollina is "History knows no masters", collects 11 tracks published by notes Stories between 1999 and 2009, among the most significant for the strength of the contents, interpretation and guests present.

Six songs recorded in the studio (side A) and five live (side B), with guests and employees as Franco Battiato, Inti-Illimani, Javier Girotto, Rita Marcotulli, Ambrogio Sparagna, Walter Keiser, Saturninus, the late Georges Moustaki and two large orchestras.

It is a true collector's item, as well as listening, not just for those who do not want to miss anything the almost thirty-year production of Pippo Pollina (about 20 CDs, several books and DVD), but also for the growing number of admirers who return to vinyl or have never abandoned.

The eye-catching graphic design, a little 'vintage in homage to the 70's so dear to Pippo Pollina, is as always Chiara Phoenicia, which the artist from Palermo, Zurich now by adoption, has shown many as 10 albums.

Vinyl "History knows no masters" brings together some of the most representative songs of the singer-songwriter Pippo Pollina career. The A side is collected songs recorded in the studio, while the B-side tracks are recorded live with orchestral accompaniment.
The vinyl (and ultimately the analog sound) disappeared for the most around the late eighties, bringing with them a load of nostalgia and unique and unrepeated music. There was a kind of ritual in the wait agonizing the new LP of our pets: you went to the store anxiously hoping that the distributor had already brought the famous package packed ... And then the joy when the dealer pulled out copying booked. The next night we would gather at someone's house and in silence ponevamo the "frying pan" on the plate. The gesture was as delicate as when handling the ultimate gift and the needle scratched the "black virgin" vinyl leaving just feel blameless furrows. absolute in the attention the cover ran from hand to hand, and each of us rummaging ample photographs and generous. I was studying the graphics even scrutinizing the names of shift workers, technicians, recording studios, producers ... We read avidly texts in an attempt to unravel the meaning of the secret rhyme. Then, it was over. The compact disc was supplanted the vinyl in the sign of the digital: the small size, convenience, cleanliness of sacrificing sound "humanity" than analogue. I did not have time to produce a solo album which was released on vinyl. It was 1989, and was titled THE FOOTSTEPS OF KING MINOS. It was printed in all the media of that time: cassettes, CDs, and precisely LP. The vinyl support was reproduced in 1,000 copies. Today is the stuff of supercollezionisti that is not even to pay its weight in gold. Well then this LP is full of later songs, but soaked the same proud and combative spirit of those who have embraced the music and the song until it becomes partner in life and hopes. And to you all the hot listening that only the analogue dimension can give, as close to the experience of life, always true, always dramatic, always joyful.


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