YO YO MUNDI - Resistenza (15 Gennaio 2005, La Banda Di Tom e Altre Storie Partigiane)

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Digipack 3 Doors with 24 Pages Booklet - Release Date: 2005 - Fol Rock Resistance - Piedmont - 1 CD + 1 DVD



1. La nostra guerra non è mai finita  1:35
2. Al Golgota  3:25
3. Eurialo e Niso  6:31
4. Non c'è nessun dopoguerra  4:34
5. Le storie di ieri  6:02
6. Ma l'amore si fa ripensare (Beppe Fenoglio da Appunti Partigiani)  2:37
7. Brigata Partigiana Alphaville  4:02
8. The Partisan  5:15
9. Tredici  6:50
10. A Stalingrado, no!  1:08
11 Stalingrado  5:01
12. L'ultimo testimone  5:43
13. Festa d'aprile  3:55
14. Bella Ciao  3:36
15. Viva l'Italia  7:56



1. 15 Gennaio 2005, Casale Monferrato

2. La Nostra Guerra Non è Mai Finita

3. Dalle Belle Città

4. Ma L'Amore si Fa Ripensare

5. Stalingrado

6.Il Duce Nel Mirino  e al Golgota

7. Ettore, Stella Rossa Vince

8. Brigata Partigiana Alphaville

9. The Partisan

10. Lo Schiaffo e Lamento Per Aureliano

11. Tredici

12. Le Storie Di Ieri

13. Bella Ciao


1. Sangue, Neve , Nebbia

Intervista a Rosetta Santambrogio,Sorella di Luigi uno dei "ragazzi di Tom"

2. Ho Compiuto 23 Anni, Su In Montagna

Intervista a Enrica Morbelli Core, Partigiana

3. Tom, Mio FratelloMaggiore, e la sua Banda Partigiana

Intervista a Frabrizio Meni e a Piero Vigino, Testo Letto da Giuseppe Cederna

4. Tredici Stelle Nel Cielo Di Casale

Il 30 Gennaio 2005, Orazione di Sergio Zavoli e Rosetta Santambrogio


1. Tredici

2. La Moglie Di Alfredo

3. Al Golgota

4. Dalle Belle Città

5. Se Muoi Stanotte. Ettore Alla Battaglia di Porta Lame


1. Spettacolo

Foto di Laura Polastri

2. Sul Palco

Foto di Ivano A. Antonazzo

3. Dietro Le Quinte

Foto di Malco Tessiore

Resistance is a live album by Yo Yo Mundi published on April 25, 2005, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Liberation. Recorded on January 15, 2005 during the show The Tom Band and other partisan stories held at the Municipal Theater of Casale Monferrato.
In addition to the audio CD, the record includes a DVD with images of the evening, interviews with the protagonists, testimonies from partisans, photographs and video clips.

Under the orders of Antonio Olearo, known as Tom (Gold Medal for Military Valor), the Tom Band was long a thorn in the side of Nazis and fascists during the War of Liberation, whose actions were conducted between the Monferrato Casalese and the 'Asti. Antonio Olearo joined the Border Guard at the beginning of the Second World War and after 8 September he joined the partisans in Val di Susa. In the winter of 1943 he returned to the Monferrato, gathered a group of young people and founded a band led by himself that integrated into the Matteotti Division and became the Seventh Brigade, one of the most feared in the area.
On January 14, 1945, during a roundup, the band and its commander took refuge in a farmhouse in Casorzo (in the province of Asti), where the capture took place. Chained to each other, half-naked and barefoot, the prisoners were forced to march in the snow to the mill of the Ghenza. Then transported to Casale Monferrato were imprisoned and interrogated with cruelty. Processed and sentenced, on January 15 they were forced to parade through the city streets between the beatings and then led to the military citadel, where they were slaughtered. On the pavement of the shooting range, inside the Cittadella di Casale, their bodies remained two days unburied in the snow, watched over by soldiers to prevent their families from celebrating their funeral. Permission to recover the bodies was denied, then buried in an anonymous place in the cemetery, identified early and strewn with flowers. The solemn funeral took place only in October 1945, after the Liberation, when the bodies were exhumed and buried again.


I tredici:
* Antonio Olearo detto Tom
* Giuseppe Augino
* Alessio Boccalatte
* Aldo Cantarello
* Luigi Cassina detto Ginetto
* Giovanni Cavoli detto Dinamite
* Giuseppe Maugeri
* Remo Peracchio
* Boris Portieri
* Giuseppe Raschio
* Luigi Santambrogio detto Gigi
* Carlo Serretta detto Scugnizzo
* Albert Harbyohire Harry (ufficiale della RAF)

Yo Yo Mundi was missing a live record.
And, given the thickness and the history that the band of Paolo Archetti Maestri carries, the opportunity had to be something more than a simple concert: it took an event that was worth documenting. A show that testified not only their abilities, but a precise event and a precise idea.
Yo Yo Mundi has long used music as a tool to communicate and to remember. In this context "Resistance" is the best live they could do: recorded at the Municipal Theater of Casale di Monferrato, it is a fundamental step on their way, because it carries on that work between music and speech, between song and theater, between conscience and commitment whose last stop was "54".
Cd + dvd present the show "La Banda Tom and other partisan stories", the first of which was held on January 15, 2005 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Liberation and the massacre carried out by the fascists. Thirteen were partisans of the Tom Brigade killed and thirteen are the protagonists on stage, with the addition of Marino and Sandro Severini (Gang), Paolo Bonfanti, Paola Tomalino, Giuseppe Cederna and Fabrizio Pagella, all voices appropriate to the project and the path of Yo Yo Mundi.
Determinantii are the accordion of Fabio Martino and the presence of the Severini brothers to increase the historical-popular rate of the pieces: it is worth mentioning "Thirteen", an unpublished compound for the occasion, sung in duet by Paolo and Marino, one of those strong pieces that deserve to enter our consciences of people and individuals. On the stage alternate new and traditional songs, acting voices and images in a continuous comparison that wants to involve well beyond listening: the DVD offers the vision of the event with some variation in the lineup and adds clips, interviews and testimonies, but above all gives test of the voltage developed on the stage. Words, music and gestures take on an echo emphasized by the mimicry of the protagonists and the Spartan scenography of the representation.
In addition to Fenoglio, Primo Levi and Wu Ming, songs by Lalli, Leonard Cohen and Stormy Six come to life. The references to current events are striking, which remove any celebratory meaning and renew the concept of "Resistance": from the bitter findings of "Al Golgota" ("We really deserve this age in which we live") to the dramatic letter addressed to a mother with son in war who is "the last witness", there is a single voice that can not be denied by current relativism. In such a strong civil manner the necessary distinctions are made between the partisans and Salò and in the same way "The stories of yesterday" by De Gregori becomes an arrow to the re-evaluation of Mussolini.
Even the final pieces are more than choral catwalks: "Bella ciao" returns to be a hymn of struggle, shared spontaneously, while "Long live Italy" seems to want to remember a popular feeling that unites us.
In the end it is right to reiterate that "Resistance" is an exit free from rhetoric and any commercial and patriotic convenience: the triptych (Modena City Ramblers, Casa del Vento, Yo Yo Mundi) with which Mescal decided to participate in the commemoration of the April 25th, this is the most authentic table. http://www.mescalina.it - Christian Verzeletti


Paolo Enrico Archetti Maestri: Chitarre, Voce

Eugenio Merico: Batteria

Fabio Martino: Fisarmonica, Pianoforte, Programmazione

Andrea Cavalieri: Basso Elettrico, Contrabbasso, Voce

Fabrizio Barale: Chitarre, Percussioni


Giuseppe Cederna: Voce Recitante

Fabrizio Pagella: Voce Recitante

Marino e Sandro Severini GANG : Voce, Chitarre

Paolo Bonfanti: Voce, Chitarre

Luca Olivieri: Pianoforte, Tastiere, Programmazione

Paola Tomalino: Voce

Giovanna Vivaldi: Violoncello

Fabrizio Meni: Elaborazione Testi e supervisione Storica

Giovanna Jo Carboni: Collaborazione Testi e storica

Ivano A. Antonazzo: Video, Immagini, Proiezione

Francesco Fassone: Scenografia

Alessandro Verazzi: Luci

Laura Borbonato: Regia

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