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CD Cartonato 2 Ante with 4 pages - Release Date: : 2007 - World Music - Apulia - Salento

Track List

1. Lama Bada  4:36

2. Los Peces  4:38

3. La Llorona  7:03

4. Ti Ne Koder Un Ne Koder  5:10

5. Klama  4:20

6. To Yasemi  3:25

7:El Pajande 4:04

8. Pedi-mmu  5:58

9. Aria Palea  4:26

Each water has its returns; each wave has a mousse and a void, a distant and familiar sound. Travel and landing on the coasts of the world with Tis Klei ", to reveal" those who weep ", in memory and in the dream, who looks and grafted in the swollen eyes of anxiety and melancholy. A breath sopseso throat into nine tracks, through seas shores and peoples, "narrated" with intense voice and pathos.
Voice that is driving more than interpretation, voice along with the refined sounds and accompanying leads to places, times and different memories. Traditions and modernity, warmed by the sun and atmosphere pervaded recesses of history; Middle East and South America, the Adriatic and the hinterland of Salento; in a single, emotional and exciting breath.


Ninfa Giannuzzi: Voice, Violin

Antonio Experts: Clarinet

Valerio Daniele: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Hammond organ, electric piano, Synt

Antonio Castrignanò: Percussion, Drum

Giuseppe Mailloux: Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass

Egidio Marullo: Battery, Atmosphere, Percussion

Rocco Nigro: Accordion

Emanuele Healds: Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Guitar Portuguese, Acoustic Guitar

Raffaele Casarano: Soprano Sax

Giorgio Distance: Trumpet

Angel From Ospedale: Trumpet

Palmiro Duranti: Classical Guitar

Marco Tuppo: Electric Guitar

Apollonius Tommasi: Bass Guitar

Andrea Tommasi: Electric Piano

Francis Farewell: Bass


Singer, musician and author Ninfa Giannuzzi performs with the orchestra of La Notte della Taranta since 2000. In recent years he has collaborated with Piero Milesi, Vittorio Cosma, Stewart Copeland, Ambrogio Sparagna, Mauro Pagani, Noa, Gianna Nannini, Franco Battiato, Francesco De Gregori, Beppe Servillo, Pelù, Carmen Consoli, Giuliano Sangiorgi, Giovanni Sollima, Daniel Bacalov and many other Italian and international artists. After Tis Klei (Anima Mundi, 2007) and preparer function of a kingdom (I love to love, 2011), rough and his third album.

"Ninfa sings with full voice scratches and caresses, the grika force that belongs modulates languages, interpreter of a repertoire that crosses the boundaries, mixes genres. It takes them connoting its unique performance style. Singer capable of translating the "feel" of Salento, the daring of singing in a reverse contamination: from the ego to the world. That is how the passion for traditional music, in the manner of the items "popular" and of world cultures, has enabled her to deepen the study of vocal techniques, music and song as 'vision' and ego expression 'says the journalist and cultural worker Mauro Marino.

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