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CD with 24 Pages Booklet - Release Date: 2004 - Musica Popolare Campana - Double CD

Track List


1. Preludio   

2. Suite Costiera All'Avvocata: Baba Fururu / All'Avvocata       

3. Elegua e Canto a Figliuola   

4.  Sambaddiruso a Pulileco   

5. Lavava y Suspirava   

6. Antonio Como quieres 

  7. Prutesta e N'Ata Botta

8. Moresca Strevezza   

9. Tarantella D' a Fatica   

10. Palazziello  

11. Naniellanananina 


CD 2

1. Torretta di Crucoli: Ciccio Ru Brigante / U Brigante  
2. Tarantella Ppi' Gerace   

3. Taglialengua   

4. Zitella Carcerata   

5. Tiritoc   

6. Fronda e Cerasa: Fronda /  'E Ccerase 

7. Mettiteve a Tre   

8. Bembe Antiguo   

9. Noubah 'A Mare   

10. Terra 'E Motus   

11. Danza del Cieco     

Nando Citarella celebrates his 25 years of artistic career with this double CD, made together with TAMBURI DEL VESUVIO with whom he has been collaborating for 10 years. It starts from Naples and travels all over the world, combining the Neapolitan culture with those that from time to time meet in this long itinerary. Vesuvius as the navel of the world. In the volcano Vesuvius the rhythms that always accompany the traditional songs and dances of the Campania area and of all central-southern Italy. But this fertile land has also welcomed the rhythmic beating of new people who from other places, crossing the great sea, have landed here below. So the volcanic earth respects its nature and Vesuvius is the "big drum" that marks the time for ancient songs and new contaminations. Nando Citarella, an eclectic musician and exceptional interpreter of the Campania tradition, has created a group of percussion with different ethnic and cultural roots, able to give resonance to this outcropping rhythmic magma. I remember a few folk festivals where there was no Nando Citarella: in Madonna dell'Arco, in Montemarano, in Pagani, in Materdomini di Nocera, of course. And while I looked at him, he played and sang and danced: together with the great masters of the Campania tradition; with them, like one of them. It is from here, from this intense and constant relationship with the living popular culture, that the energy released in the concerts documented in this double album originates: a testimony of what really means the party for "who is devoted", even if he is a professional musician and therefore necessarily and continually obliged to mediation. Of course, traditional music is only the basis, and can not fail to enrich the thousand sound suggestions that cross the ears not only of Nando (which, remember, is also a researcher and man of the theater, as well as perhaps the last heir of the glorious school of the caretakers, the Neapolitan street musicians), but also those of the Vesuvius Drums, who are entrusted with the task of translating the variety of rhythms and voices of the world into a unitary impulse. And then, like any self-respecting "live", guests: many, prestigious, talented: among the most beautiful names of the Italian revival. Twenty-five years of career and "ten" of Tamburi del Vesuvio, therefore: a bell'ambo to play on the wheels of Naples and Rome, the cities among which took shape this project but can not and does not want to have borders. Giovanni VaccaGRAZIASSAIE pe sti Diec'Ann'Inzomma, I know passat'diec'ann 'and cu sti Tamburi n'avimm'fatt'e things: Belle and Ugly, Bone and Badly ... ..comme ce putimm' scurdà d''o Carpino Folk FestivalDove dopp'na evening Bellissima and duch na cantata cu Piccirillo, SaccoeMaccarone we retired In the hotel that the festival put us on display ... it was half past four o'clock in the morning when around 8 o'clock we heard 'O Van nun ce cchiù ... e the rest is now history.E chella votes to Sapri when after a concert without infamia or praise but after chili chilli chewed by Abuda back to the capital with a check for 4,700,000 lire that after a week is paid and we discover that is Arrubbato (na rapine made to Papule three mis primm ') and understood ...? and sti sord 'nun so maie turnat' ... and vulessem speaks and Putenz 'o and Roma..aprile 2003 !!! But it is better ca nun dicimm 'nient tant primm'o dopp' ...... who's ssà! But there are still things about beautiful things in Spain, 'in France, Austia,' A Croatia and a lot of city addo avimm 'fatt'abballà and sings nu sea and ggente ... .menu male.Perciò vi di co GRAZIASSAIE !!!! To all 'chill' who have believed in this project, to those who have sunat, abballat, recitat, cantat, and GRAZIASSAIE well 'to chill' ca badly remained badly dry or 'grupp'ncazzat'e ndruvuliat'. Thanks to James Senese, who inspired me with 'Tarantella d'' with difficulty Streveza or 'na Danza del Cieco at Lamient', Thanks to 'Onna Lucilla, to Cloris, to Maria Rosaria d'' or Vesuvio to Gianluigi that 'to sempa pazziat cu nnuie, a 'On Giuvann Vacca who writes all' chelli things, Thanks to Chilli Vicchiariell 'who quanno c'hann'ntiso' to primma vota cu 'or Egyptian flaut Maronn're Galline dicetter' "Nandù c ' has putimm'fa 'na cantat? "and GRAZIASSAIE at Mast' Cantatur'e Sunatur'c

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