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Digipack with 3 sleeves artistic paper containing  Booklet 16 Pages 12X13,5- Release Date: 13/05/2018 - Italian Folk - Lazio - CD


1. La Purtai

2. La Capra

3. Fronni D'Alia

4. Inferno V

5. Signura Letizia

6. Fino a Te

7. Regina Solianu

8. Io Mo Me Muoro

9. Sale'ntu

10. La Ninna

This record has a narration in itself. It is the story of ten students from Calabria, Puglia, Basilicata and Lazio who meet in EtnoMuSa, the first university popular music orchestra born under the MuSa di Sapienza University of Rome project. It is a fruitful meeting, where the musical practice activates an exchange of experiences, emotions, sharing, passions that are transformed into a deep friendship and a common feeling. Thus, in 2014, the need arose to give life to a parallel experience, with the creation of a proper group, Musaica, with a different and greater breath and wider horizons thanks to an artistic and human maturation that is considered with humility, but also determination, to be able to value. Musaica immediately began to make itself known through an intense concert activity, with a repertoire that outlines three paths related to the music of Italian tradition, to the repetition of authorial pieces, and to the composition of own pieces. They are routes that refer to the memory of orality of the subaltern cultures, where the memory is never nostalgic but critical and dynamic and the traditional music represents a teaching and a trace. Witnesses of this intent are the popular instruments used by the group: the organ, the launeddas, the bagpipe, the lyre, the bouzouki, the different types of frame drums that, together with the singing of the five voices, cross all the expressive modes of Musaica, as a common thread that comes from afar. With this album we place the piece of an ideal mosaic that represents the musical and emotional harmony of this group and that now experience and time allow it to be recomposed, as the chapter of a story that closes a story and opens another. Hidden inside the disc the sound that made them meet.

Letizia April

Orchestra EtnoMuSa Director


Musaica is the new musical project created by some members of EtnoMuSa, the ethnic orchestra of University of Rome "La Sapienza".
Musaica moves along two way: interpretation of traditions and creation of new songs.
What connect its members and their experiences is their shared way to feel the music: they try to reacreate the ancient atmosphere of the traditional music, captivating the spectators and let them get the mood.


Davide Ambrogio: Voice, Lira Calabrese, Friscaletto, Zampogna, Launeddas

Francesco Berrafato: Organ

Luca De Luca: Bouzouki, Tzouras

Giulio De Paolis: Cajan, Davul, Colors

Roberto Licchetta: Tar Drums, Tambourine

Francesco Micelli: Voice, Daf, Riq, Qraqeb, Tamburello

Mara Petrocelli: Voice

Ludovico Radaelli: Guitar

Giorgia Santalucia: Voice, Darbuka

Valeria Taccone: Voice

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