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CD Booklet 16 Pages - Release Date: 1997 - World Italiana

Track List

1 Taghennatà  3:48

2 Le Fontane Di Tetouan  5:00

3 Dance  3:47

4 Acid Poem  5:23

5 Danzaraba  5:26

6 Ragazzo Selvaggio  6:06

7 Deep Night  7:33

8 Arabia  4:36

9 Forty Claps  2:43

10 Miraggi  3:58

11 Bio / N'sel Fik  3:39

12 P54  3:33

13 La Ballata Di Riva  2:47


The circulation of information, the mingling of different musical genres. linguistic babelins seem to be decisive characteristics of the current contemporary music scene. Metissage stands right in this area, blending improvisation of jazz matrix with the Arabic language, African percussion with funky rhythms, Indian tabula with melodies of the Mediterranean area. The repertoire is made up of original pieces by guitarist Gabriele Bombardini, from traditional Arabic texts and poems by the Libyan singer Ahmad Jomaa, Moroccan Daghmoumi Abdelkader, Tunisian Soufiane Ben Attia. The impressive percussive impact of the band is due to the Senegalese drums of El Hadji Niang and Matteo Scaioli's tabs, combined with the electronic drumming of the sequencer, making Metissage a strong stimulus to dance and bodily fruition of music.


Luisa Cottifogli: Voice

John Di Leo: Voice

Antonio De Rosa: Saxophones

Gabriele Bombardini: Guitars, Sequencing

Paolo Ghetti: Bass bass

El Hadji Niang: Sabar, Djembe, Talking Drum

Matteo Scaioli: Tabla, percussion


Teresa De Sio: Voice

Rita Marcotulli: Piano

Roberto Bartoli: Bass bass

Ambrose Sparagna: Organetto

Solifiane Ben Attia: Voice


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