MARIO VENUTI - Il Tramonto Dell'Occidente

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Vinyl 180 gr. Gatefold  - Limited Edition copy 801-  Date: 2014 · Format: LP- Indie Pop

Lato A

1. il Tramonto

2. Ite Missa Est (Feat. Francesco Bianconi e Giusy Ferreri)

3. I Capolavori Di Beethoven (Feat. Franco Battiato)

4. Perchè?

5. Ventre Della Città

6. Passau a Cannalora (Feat. Francesco Bianconi e Kaballà)

Lato B


7. Arabian Boys


8. Tutto Appare (Feat. Alice)


9. Ciao American Dream


10. Il Bianco Di Disisa


11.L'Alba (Feat. Nicolò Carnesi)

The Decline of the West is the new album by Mario Venuti for microclimate / Music and Sounds and digital distribution Believe, written and set to music by Francesco Bianconi and Kaballà, featuring the voices of Franco Battiato, Francesco Bianconi, Alice, Giusy Ferreri, Kaballà and Nicolò Carnesi. The album arrived on the music market two years after the publication of the previous solo album The Last Romance and twenty years after the publication of the first solo album, A bit 'of fever.

The title The Decline of the West is a journey. A path, a theory with philosophical and advice elements of real life. The sun goes to the West every day, and sometimes it brings with it all, but does so with vibrant color brushstrokes. Does not go out gently, as if to tell us that the sun, the pain, sometimes it can also serve to make us better, especially when we are to go down with the sun, swept up in this passage that leads us toward dawn, new.

1. The sunset. We're in bad shape ... and perhaps deluding us in this crisis that now has accustomed us to complaints queuing, and no matter if it is the line at the post to pay or to the store to buy the latest technological innovations. We're in bad shape, but we do not react, and expect to arrive in the evening. The evening with its sunset. That for its beauty puts us into question, "I try novelties in the sunset light."

2. Ite Missa est. Featuring Francesco Bianconi and Giusy Ferreri. There is irony and truth in this pop-rock track with shades and vintage barbershop Doulce memories that brings the song in a lyrical dimension introspective. Precious the Giusy Ferreri collaboration, priestess, in this song sung between friends, also gives a voice from up to Giuni Russian, we do not feel but in those empty breaks from the music and lyrics, sing her ... for angels, that unlike our have already found the light. To our difference that we tend to be apocalyptic. "Lucky you".

3. Beethoven's masterpieces. Featuring Franco Battiato. The masterpieces are masterpieces and this song is. A melody in which triumphs the music, in a continuous dialogue. An intense ballad which is a tribute, but also message. The firebrand burning under the ashes. Some call it strength, who tenaciously. It is certain that requires courage, patience and pragmatism. "The unexpected return of poverty teaches us, finally, the idea dell'abbastanza".

4. Why? It is an instrumental piece, "Why?". Why not give answers but does mention the arches, angry. "Why?" Because it is composed of samples of the discography of Mario Venuti and orchestral music fragments from the project "Open Air Concert" by Giorgio Federico Ghedini recorded by Riccardo Samperi and produced for Stradivarius. So it is written. Amen.

5. city Ventre. lead single that anticipated in the album sounds radio, but especially the lyrics. A big complaint. A great rock. The poetry of the suburbs, the lively heart of humanity. The scrap wealth among the poor bourgeois habits. Hopes Librino (Catania), Zen (Palermo), Scampia (Naples), Corviale (Rome), Fourth Oggiaro (Milan). "We will meet the summer evenings on the asphalt sea of these villages. It will not hurt to stop and watch our wounds, the stars invented.. "


6. Passau to Cannalora. Featuring Francesco Bianconi and Kaballà. This album sings the reality of our beautiful country, and it does it in style, as in this passage entirely in dialect. Yes, because in Italy we are strange, and the dialectic songs we have in mind are only those of the folk tradition, those who sing with tambourine in hand. Come sing the office of history, culture, roots and languages. And if the melody is international in many passages, the choice of the Sicilian language is the added value ... and then to St. Agatha, patron saint of the city of Catania, not you pray in Italian! "Aituzza, bedda Aituzza if 'in life is' na iangata, you fanni 'na Carizza and tonna in Dari still in' the city is 'na' nticchia of the tò ricchizza".

7. Arabian Boys. For grace received (see above!) We can see the light even in the days of the Arab Spring. Pain challenge himself and blazes the love. "And on the barricades I realized I love you. Sfiorasti my hand was shaking when I looked. Neither charges nor bombs nor damned songs of sirens. They stopped the love that ignited the revolution. "

8. Everything appears. Featuring Alice. An icon of the music that perhaps gives a new interpretation also of the cover. Memories of harmonies in a crescendo tastefully elegant metaphors that leave a huge void in this world where even sells his soul to appear. "I wonder what is the difference between the soul and the spread?". Surfers on the net, and bad fishermen at sea. The clothes make the monaco and photos that we publish on the company's first impression. And they miss several diopters to go beyond appearances, trying existences.

9. Hello American Dream. Italian unedited version of Ashes of American Flags Wilco, the band sounds very impressive in the American indie scene. The economy lost ethics, in Italy as in America. "That heat that the sun does Wall Street."

10. The Disisa bench. The ancient myth of Disisa treasure. A legend that becomes music and already makes us even to imagine an acoustic tour, where Venuti despoil these songs. It will remain a voice an impressive piano. Treasures. "Inexhaustible treasures only for you, but if you do not rob you of this gold will not go out from here."

11. Dawn. Featuring Nicholas Carnesi. I think it is a coincidence that the singer Palermo - representative of the new musical generations - participants just this song that sings the dawn. A sound that takes you back to the '80s, a music that makes you start humming Gloria Umberto Tozzi, and then the heavens open and the dawn. "I'm walking towards the dawn which by its nature is born to the east. And I'm reciting another mantra, take more conscious, try me. " Between Sunset and Sunrise is not only the night, there is the team size that retraces the entire album, which has roots, but also wings.


A revised framework. A technique that surrounds the subject of a work and brings them on a yellow background. A linear frame and a window with his name and the title of the cd in uppercase and the names of all holdings ... and even if there is written between the lines you read a thank you.

But to fully understand the cover you have to get your hands on the physical cd. We are used to download music with a click, to have everything concentrated, but even if the music you listen with your ears, always the beauty of having something in your hands while listening to music. The vinyl charm, the so-called concrete. Nadia Macri -

A series of songs that move on the long wave of the crisis. With possible ways out.
A trip by the sunset of our old illusions dawn of a new awareness. No catastrophe, indeed new incentives to rethink our way of life and our values.


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