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Digipack 2 Panel  Booklet 8 Pages - Release Date: 214 -  Folk Randagio - Emilia-Romagna


1. The Real Lover  3:04

2. In The Dark Shadows  3:07

3. L'Ogre  4:02

4. Visitando Necropoli Con Donne  3:18

5. The Wheel  4:24

6. Alice In The Skies  4:12

7. Fiori Deformi  4:46

8. Canzonaccia Dell'Affabulatore Esausto  3:43

9. Billy In The Darbies  4:28

10. Fotografii  10:04

 1. Hafiz - The Real Lover
The Body of the Realistic Man resonates with all the Voices. In all languages and all ages.
There is at least one for each of us.

2. Joe R. Lansdale - In The Dark Shadows

Do not call it. Always responds. And it is no mistake to aim. Are you.

3. Victor Hugo - The Ogre

Does purity remain? And if not, where do you go? Laugh as a little prayer.

4. Italo Calvino - Visiting Necropolis with Women

It is always the end of the world. To wake up after the tea time.

5. William B. Yeats - The Wheel

Voices never pleased. About Saisons, o Chateaux! Where is the Spring of Thought? Horseman, Pass it!

6. Lewis Carroll - Alice in the Skies

Alice, old woman, rises in the sky. Psychedelic Madonna talks to the children's dreams.

7. Silvano Agosti - DeFormi Flowers

The poetics of DeFormi Flowers.

It is forbidden to love. But the Deforms Flowers of Unpressed Love grow.

When you see a body that moves and moves you, they are them.

8. Roberto Mercadini - Song of the exhausted exfoliator

Will the Poet Want To Mutism - Mythique?

And how do you change the cloud into immature and mild animals?

9. Hermann Melville - Billy in the Darbies

Free from the noisy chains, wherever the sea is. Dancing with flutter in every direction.

10. Fabio Molari - Photographs

The voices remain. Les voix demeurent. Voices remain.


Progressive folk in all senses, looking for the balance of sounds, between Europe and the world, between the acoustics and the electric. The use of so many languages is alive, dead or reborn. Instruments of different cultures and different eras, united in one sound that looks to the future of traditional music without losing contact with the past. Have fun and have fun telling your stories to those who still want to follow them because "you're not done if you have a good story to tell and someone willing to listen to it."

Progressive folk that expands its sound between acoustic and electric Tale that runs amusing from traditional music to the future A journey around the world of instruments and melodies Many languages that are alive, forgotten and to make Vogliadi reborn, dancing, listening, dreaming

This and more, which we will discover on the road, is Marcabru.


Fabio Briganti: lapsteel guitar, fiddle, bell cittern, harmonica, voice

Fiorino Fiorini: Didjeridoo, Dan Moi, Nefir, Kalimba, Reindeer

Marie Roscoussier: Electric Bass, Cigarbox Guitar, Mountain Dulcimer, Voice

Fiorenzo Mengozzi: Drum, Darbuka, Bodhrān, Noises

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