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CD Booklet 8 Pages - Release Date: 2011  - Emilia-Romagna - Folk Randagio


Track List

 1. La Baerca De Vent  4:18

2.  Fire Down Below  3:36

 3. Roi Blanc  3:48

 4.  Debka Oud / Debka Chaim  4:58

 5. The Raggle Taggle Gypsy  3:52

 6. Onda Tonda  3:16

7.  L'Ecolier Assassin  4:48

 8. Cluck Old Hen  3:27

 9. Abdala / Aziz Layla  4:05

 10. Wishlist / Callipse House  4:32

 11. Weile Waile  4:50

"Leaving behind the Earth's agresties trails of the first album Folk Randagio (2007), the Marcabru reappears on the horizon with a new adventure. We recognize them, in their amusing movements and their lashes suddenly, in their popular and popular rhythm From the earliest notes, we also hear a less controlled course, a new chemistry of sounds, more refined and at the same time wider. Marcabru abandon themselves and, as they say openly, literally go drifting. Marcabru is thus a nomadic place that welcomes all the traditions where land and water sometimes confuse, where Arabs and Jews are sitting in the same table, cursed seers and gentlemen who are transformed into gypsy. every traveler, after all, is to have someone somewhere waiting for them to be ready to listen. " Stefano Maldini


Fabio Briganti: Fiddle, Elettric Fiddle, Bell Cittern, Oud, Dulcimer, Voice

Fiorino Fiorini: Didjeridoo, Dan Moi, Egg-Shaker, Corus

Fiorenzo Mengozzi: Drumm, Bodhran, Darbuka, Egg-Shaker, Corus

Marie Rascoussier: Electric Bass, Ashbury Bass, Acustic Guitar, Voice

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