LISETTA LUCHINI - Il Popolare Canto

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CD in Digipack 3 panel Booklet 20 Pages - Release Date: 2018 - Italian World - Tuscany


1. Il Popolare Canto  2:44

2. E Prima San Frediano  4:01

3. Dimmi Bel Giovane  2:00

4. La Sentinella 2:48

5. Sei Bella Negli Occhi  3:15

6. Il Mastio Di Volterra

7. Serenata Fiorentina

8. Stornelli Col Fiore  4:22

9. Maremma Mia  2:42

10. Sei Bimbe a Vendere  1:38

11. E Anche Al Mi' Marito  1:49

12. Il Tempo D'Eva  2:09

13. La Biritullera  2:19

14. Bresci, L'Anarchico Tornato Dall'America  3:00


wanted to name this last CD "The popular song" as a sign of love and gratitude towards the popular song and its tradition that has marked my whole life. In presenting it I have little to say, I should call it "project" as it is now used but I do not adapt, I will call it "work" which is a much nobler word. The recording you will hear is a tribute to the anonymous song of tradition that skilled researchers have saved from oblivion by recording the voices of the informers, that valid and faithful musicians have transcribed on the staff and Maecenas, Publishers or Institutions have printed in precious collections from the end of eight hundred until today. To us therefore, the task of "re-casting" and continuing the tradition. I chose almost all anonymous songs except Il Popolare Canto of the undersigned, Maremma Mia and Bresci, the anarchist returned from America who are non-professional authors and I hope they like you too as they liked me. I chose according to my tastes and the opportunity and, after all, with the heart. (from the presentation of the CD signed by Lisetta Luchini)


Lisetta Luchini: Voice, Guitar

Luca Di Volo: Bassoon, Cello, Alto Sax, Trumpet Without Bocchino, Soprano Sax, Viola, Tin Whistle

Eleonora Tassinari: Accordion, Cello

Marta Marini: Mandolin, Guitar

Sara Ceccarelli: Flute, Ottavino

Ettore Bonafè: Percussion, Tambourine, Snare, Triangle

Dino Simone: Accordion


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