LISETTA LUCHINI - Gl'è Tutto Sbagliato... Gl'è Tutto Da Rifare

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CD Booklet 32 Pages English Texts - Release Date: 2010 - Music Popular Tuscany

1. Agata (La moglie timida) (Marf )
2. Canzoncella (Pecorini-Luchini)
3. Madonna fiorentina (Cherubini –Bixio)
4. Dal Cile a Calcutta (Dino Rulli)
5. Gl’era tanto bono (Lisetta Luchini)
6. Su i’ filobus di Fiesole (Ferdinando Vitali)
7. Il valzer della povera gente (Odoardo Spadaro)
8. Io sono un gentiluomo (Lisetta Luchini)
9. A me mi piace vivere alla grande (Fanigliulo-Borghetti Pace)
10. Mi si schianta i’ core (Fabio Pianigiani – Lisetta Luchini)
11. Maremma (Anonimo)
12. Porta un bacione a Firenze (Odoardo Spadaro)
13. Oh, com’è bello giudare i cavalli (Giuseppe Pietri)
14. Il valzer che… (Lisetta Luchini)
15. A me piace la testina di vitello (Odoardo Spadaro)
16. Gl’è tutto sbagliato (Lisetta Luchini – Brunetto Salvini)






This new recording is a tribute to Florence, my beautiful city.
There are pieces from the repertoire "classic" Florentine Spadaro, Pietri, Bixio and a new song by Fabio Pianigiani: "I crashed the 'core'.
There are no songs in the repertoire of variety that noble and graceful "end dicitrice", so many times I sang in the theater in recent years and finally songs written by me as "storyteller" and then the ballads on current issues.
What to say? What to do? ... No, I will only sing halfway between past and present with the fleeting suspicion that in the end "all wrong gl'è gl'è and start all over again !!!"
For me, that's okay, so now I know: a I 'gets boring!


Luca Di Volo
Fagotto Sax contralto Sax baritono Sax sopranino
Lisetta Luchini
Voce Chitarra
Marta Marini
Mandolino Chitarra
Andrea Pecorini
Fabio Pianigiani
Eleonora Tassinari
Pianoforte Clavicembalo Fisarmonica Violoncello Sax baritono
Mauro Volpini


Graduated in guitar at the Conservatory "G. Frescobaldi" of Ferrara and my training as a musician and singer of popular music is varied, but marked by pure instinct; In fact, I try to merge "happily", the notional part and academic with the characters "natural" being and feeling Tuscan.

They are inscribed AICA (Italian Association Storyteller "Lorenzo De Antiquis") and author of stories, I won the "Giovanna Daffini" of Motteggiana (MN) in 1999 with "The Waltz that ...", a third place in the 2004 with the text "With who knows 'who' and the first prize in 2009 with" Canzoncella ".
I am a founding member of the Study Centre FOLK TUSCAN since 1996, of which President Alexander Bencistà together distinguished historians and researchers from Tuscany, I collaborate with the magazine "Folk Tuscany", organ of the center itself, for the musical part.

I also studied singing and are a true contralto.
The sources which I draw for my repertoire are:
the great collections of the past, from 800 onwards, the research work carried out admirably by colleagues in 60/70, the precious contribution of scholars, researchers and ethnomusicologists etc ...

and my research itself, being in contact with most of the reality of the oral tradition of the region:
Poets in eighth rhyme, Choirs of Maggi, Archives, study centers of folk traditions etc ...
My main intention, as ripropositrice, is to extend to future generations the heritage of musical and poetic beauty of Tuscany,
why imposed shows so "play" that is discursive and brilliant and not necessarily teaching, because I hope that the message gets better and they keep the memory.

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