LES TROUBLAMOURS - Ama L'Acqua (Dal Vivo a Torcito)

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CD Cartonato 2 Ante with 36 pages - Release Date: : 2007 - World Music - France/Apulia - Salento


Track List


1. Passai  Te Lu Ciardinu 6:04


2. Nostalgie et Spaghetti  4:24


3. Primo Piano  5:33


4. Les Fardeaux  4:20


5. Le Feu  4:30


6. Tarantella e Stornelli  5:35


7. Bienvenue 3:07


8. Acqua  4:46


9. L'Homme De Cromatique  4:49


10. La Tarantelle Thèrapeutique (1 Parte)  4:56


11. La Tarantelle Thèrapeutique (2 Parte)  4:05

12. Le Crabe Tambourin  7:02

"Ama l'acqua" was recorded in acoustic direct acoustics at Masseria Torcito di Cannole (Lecce) in August 2006.

Since 1996, the group plays with experimentation. Their music is the result of a research involving French postwar music by Edith Piaf at Leo Ferrè, Jacques Brel at Georges Brassens, passing by Marc Perrone, Pascal Comelade, Nino Rota, Federico Fellini, for tarantella and pinch, For the French Pyrenees and Sicily, for Balkan and Yiddish music, running throughout South Italy. Les Troublamours is the result of a strange series of bends. A strange way of taking something from all the places where you have been, putting it all together and making it your own way of being, your own personal style. "Hibou du monde" is the fourth CD of the French group published by Salvatore Anima Mundi after "Tarantella Gitano Guinguette" (2003), "Air Tadgjiguin" (2005) and "Ama the Water" (2007) ). There are 19 tracks in Les Troublamours style: the Balkans meet the percussions of southern Italy, in the rhythms of tarantelle, pizziche and martyrs with emotion turned on, which in turn intertwine with warm rhythmic rugs of African matrix, to which is added the Singing, which affirms a wild joy and expression of a gitano blues.


Bruno Berner: Voice, Tamburelli

Eric Chafer: Bassotuba

Emmanuel Ferrari: Accordion, Voice

Simon Ferrari: Voice, Sax Soprano

Michael Fernandez: Tambourine, Nacchere, Bells, Voice


Giorgio Distant: Trumpet

Maria Mazzotta: Voice

Enza Pagliara, Voice, Nacchere

Manuela Salimavo: Zarb

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