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Digipack 2 Panel  Booklet 20 Pages  - Release Date: 2006 - Singer-SongWriter- Piedmont


1. I Gatti Lo Sapranno

2. Li Riconosco a Stento

3. Una Lettera Per Me

4. Cosa Mi Aspetto Da Te

5. La Canzone Di Adele
c6. Un Segno rosso Sul cuore
c7. Nè Il Sole, La Luna, Nemmeno Io

8. Quando Alberto Sarà Tornato

This record comes to three years from "All of a sudden in my room".x
ISLIA, this is the name that encloses the LALLi project (a long experience behind him, first as Franti's singer, Environs, Lucas Bears, Ishi, then as a soloist with three 3 CDs) and PIETRO SALIZZONI, he can thrill, like passion it's love; for music, people, and life. Nine songs where the arrangements of the whole ensemble of musicians, the acclaimed production of Carlo U. Rossi and the extraordinary depth of Lalli's voice make this album a brief but intense journey into sounds, gently electro-acoustic, and in the feelings.
The musical and literary ideas come from Cesare Pavese, Marguerite Duras, Satie, Lenine, the Italian and European folk, the song of the author - in the broadest sense of the word - and not by imitation, but by spiritual correspondence. The melodies of their songs penetrate into the skin, and they dig into the soul.
A disk where there is a lot. There is the universe of Lalli's characters that we have learned to love over the years, with its ability to capture its essence, but also the cure and taste of Salizzoni's musical composition, embellished and completed by a work of all the musicians that are part of the disc.
A cd to listen to with closed eyes, losing in the arches, in the trumpet by Giorgio Li Calzi, in the low clarinet by Marco Tardito, in the balance of all the work.
Lalli and Pietro Salizzoni, together, write songs for six years.
The collaboration, born with the writing of the song "Testa storta", for the soundtrack of Mimmo Calopresti's film "I prefer the noise of the sea", and then continued with the creation of the CD "All of a sudden, in my room", released for the editions of The Manifesto (March 2003), today, he has assumed a name: Èlia.
In the affinities of sensitivity and intent, as well as musical, the songs are born looking for simplicity, a text and a melody: guitar and voice. Sometimes stories tell, sometimes they tell of emotions, feelings, of our time.
In the arrangements, inevitably pour the musical influences accumulated over the years, from the rock-folk anglofono, to the fathers of the European songwriter.
The solid roots of this project are represented by an already consolidated working group, as it is already present in the previous work.

Marinella Ollino, in art Lalli, is an Italian singer and actress.
Astigiana of origin but Turin of adoption, not well known to the general public, is considered by critics one of the best rumors of the alternative rock scene in Italy. Go back to the scenes since the second half of the 70's as a voice of the Turin Group of Franti in including Stefano Giaccone, Marco Ciari, Massimo d'Ambrosicco and Vanni Picciuolo. Although apparently misunderstood, the Frants constitute the seminal starting point of the Italian anarchist dark-punk movement. Precursors of the no-copyright movement, which they call "a fascist law limiting the spread of ideas," have self-produced their discs by encouraging their free distribution. Lalli is from the very beginning the voice of the Franti project, and today it continues with unquestionable consistency the continuation of that thread begun thirty years ago.
After the Franti's dissolution in 1987, Stefano Giaccone Lalli created numerous projects, among which the Environs, Orsi Lucille, Howth Castle, Ishi and the Franti meeting in 1991 were worthy of mentioning the songs of collateral-side project Long farewell.
For the solo debut, however, it is necessary to wait for 1998 as it affects an album - Wind Weather - produced by Mario Congiu and published by the editions The poster, which gains good public and criticism; Rockerilla is considered to be the best rock of Italian rock in 1998 and Il Mucchio Selvaggio awarded him the Out of Heck Award as the best debut album in Italy.
In 1999, always with the production of Congiu, is the turn of a mini cd titled Among the dunes of here. Five songs that make them the Special Jury Prize in the fifth edition of the National Music Competition Piero Ciampi.
In 2000, along with guitarist Pietro Salizzoni wrote a new track, Testastorta, for the soundtrack of the movie I prefer sea noise directed by Mimmo Calopresti.
Meanwhile, Lalli is an interpreter, along with Argentinian guitarist Miguel Angel Acosta, of a tribute to South American music entitled I'm from ofercer mi corazón.
In 2002, always for editions The poster comes out of his third job: Suddenly, in my room that also contains the song Testastorta. The album is written in four hands with Pietro Salizzoni who, along with Carlo Ubaldo Rossi, is also a producer. This work has also been highly valued by critics, such as Gabriele Ferraris de La Stampa, who described it as a masterpiece. [2]
She participates in 2003 in a tribute album to Fabrizio De André - A thousand red poppies published by A / Anarchist Magazine - playing Ave Maria engraved by the genre singer in the album La buona novella. In 2004 is the turn of a prestigious collaboration. Lalli is - together with Nada, Marina Parente and Flame - one of the solo voices of the first album of the former CCCP and C.S.I. guitarist album, Massimo Zamboni: Sister defeated. However, it is necessary to wait for 2006 to find a new job on his behalf: Èlìa that is not only the title of the album but that of an artistic project by Lalli and by Pietro Salizzoni (which is by no means the signature of the album) which also involves a series of musicians (Stefano Risso, Matteo Castellan, Donato Stolfi) who had already collaborated on the realization of the previous one in my room. [3]
In 2004 she starred as an actress in the film Even the fate of Daniele Gaglianone in a particularly difficult and intense role.
In 2006 he attended the Franti meeting for two concerts on the occasion of the complete collection of their recordings.
In 2012 he always publishes with Pietro Salizzoni the second work of the Elisa project, the live album Elisa in concert.


Lalli: Voice
Pietro Salizzoni: Acoustic Guitar, Electric,
Donato Stolfi: Drums, Percussion, Tambourine, Udu, Hang, Cajon
Stefano Risso: Bass bass
Matteo Castellan: Piano, Keyboards, Hammond, Fender Rhodes
Giorgio Li Calzi: Trumpet, Harmonium
Paolo Secci: Cello
Massimiliano Gilli: Violin

Tommaso Cerasuolo: Voice
Marco Tardito: Clarinet Bass
Giorgio Giovannini: Trombone

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