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01. Ancora ridi
02. Maleficio
03. Il canto degli affamati
04. Intanto er Sole se nasconne
05. Peste e corna
06. Palazzinari

07. L’osteria dei frati
08. Canzone allagata
09. Strade da dimenticà
10. Er funerale
11. Lacrima a metà
12. Arrivederci Roma


Still laugh is the title of the second disc of The Wall of Song, released on October 29, 2013. Following the success of The Ammazzasette, the Roman band offers an album sounding more rough and rock markedly compared with the previous work, without losing either the songwriting approach, nor the narrative. The mixing was entrusted to the experience of Thomas Colliva (Muse, Afterhours, Caliber 35). The making of the video of the first single, the song of the hungry, is still entrusted to the director Carlo Roberti and crew Solobuio Visual Factory.

The Wall of Song is a timeless voice, a voice of the people, is the hymn to the earth, is the disenchantment and the serenade. It 'a heartfelt song of work, is the ancient lullaby. The Wall of Song is a musical project that moves and awakens and inflames tempers, that makes you cry, smile and dance.

Between 2010 and 2011 the band offers its repertoire in many performances, establishing a deep connection with the public that more and more people flocking concerts. Live performances exceed the size of music to end up in that narrative and lead the viewer only in the imagination created by the band.

In 2011, The Wall Canto won the prize for best arrangement Stefano Rosso, thanks to its own version of Meanwhile, the Sun is hidden.

The Ammazzasette (2012, Goodfellas) is the first album and follows the path started in 2010 with the single light mine and then with the eponymous EP of six tracks Wall of Song.

A record that shows a cultural universe that has its roots planted in the sidewalks of the capital, 16 tracks that cast the listener on a journey of no return between the stories and characters of a great and decadent carousel.

The vast popular imagination by cinematic atmospheres that the group recalls, led to the emergence of a parallel project that accompanied step by step the path of the disc: the creation of a series of video clips that focus on the stories that weave visual universe of the Wall Canto, in which people, places and stories are mixed in a macro-cinemusicale. The implementation was entrusted to director Carlo Roberti Solobuio Visual Factory (formerly director of Spiritual Front, Ardecore, Surgery, Dope Stars Inc) was the first video plug which was followed by one of Christ of wood and mystic who chews , all linked by a common narrative.

The Ammazzasette was a remarkable debut, with over 3,000 copies sold, exciting reviews of the national press, which called them a wonderful revelation. The album has been reviewed by the most important music magazines: Heap, Blow Up, Rockerilla, XL Republic and also from national newspapers and magazines, as the Friday of the Republic, The Press, The poster.

The Ammazzasette was presented in many programs of quality, such as Radio 2 Twilight with John Vignola, Radio 3 Pump up the volume, and Steronotte Isoradio Rai Radio 1, which in addition to having them interviewed in the transmission exit Casello has also broadcast an entire concert, recorded during the summer tour in the transmission Concerts safely. Radio Popolare Network also has dedicated them a big space, conveying a concert recorded at Villa Ada Rome Meets the World. The television show Cool Tour Rai 5 dedicated to the Wall of Canto a large service.

In April 2012, the Wall of Song, along with Ardecore, Bandajorona and Remus Remotti, participated in the first collection of Roman song of the new millennium, strictly vinyl, Mamma Roma Goodbye, released on the occasion of the fifth Record Store Day. Some of the formations responsible, through languages and different methods of composition, of the recovery of the roots that marked the new way to songwriting, offer the best of their repertoire in this compilation. Mamma Roma Addio get reviews in leading newspapers and national magazine: La Repubblica, Il Messaggero, Seven of the Corriere della Sera. The site of the Republic devotes a large full service streaming songs.


Daniele Coccia: Voice

Alessandro Pieravanti: Stories, Drums and Percussion

Giancarlo Barbati Bonanni: Electric Guitar

Eric Caldironi: Acoustic Guitar

Ludovico Lamarra: Bass Guitar

Alessandro Marinelli: Accordion

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