IL CORO DEGLI ETRUSCHI nel quarantesimo della fondazione - Quando ne vai in maremma

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It was a duty to be able to give life to this CD! Grosseto, September 1974; for the first time the Etruscan Choir, founded by the poet Morbello Vergari, is presented to the public with its charge of rare authenticity and desire to communicate their feelings and stories of the cultural fabric of the peasants and workers.
The singing tradition and the Tuscan Maremma in general, was for decades the source to which the chorus was inspired, not tiring never to revive, to those who want to listen well, a vast repertoire describing the inner soul of the people who they have made the history of the land of Maremma. Traditionally hospitable land, where the beauty of the territory, sometimes even bitter, is combined with valuable human and cultural resources.
On this CD you will find therefore celebratory voices, melodies, minimal stories (but also great) Maremma all the Choir of the Etruscans knew how to rediscover, revive and revalue in order to entrust to the future. It is no coincidence that today many groups of this piece of land Tuscan reproduce popular songs with a style, but also with arrangements, which could be called "use of the Choir of the Etruscans". No shortage of rework. Chorus in fact, in these 40 years has not been content merely to rediscover, but also to propose with its feel songs written by contemporary authors; It is an example of this is the land of my Unless Salviati.
Guests will also appreciate the different ways of singing turned themselves over time. From the records of the seventies, until the last that have captured a legacy still belonging to the peasant culture, to those of a few months ago, including one that gives the name to the CD, featuring a decidedly different manner. Before I escape from the pen: we are talking about a choir, now so rare to encounter in the world of Tuscan folklore! Those of Etruscan Choir voices are "free" but certainly educated and shaped, in most cases, from direct experience, that is, by contact with the same substrate from which the songs and stories are born. Here is unfolding from the disk begging songs (La Befana, in May of Olmini), the serenades (Son eleven at night), lullabies (Pecoraio in that little hill) tavern songs and fiery play instrumental punctuated by " gnàcchere ". In fact, for those who still do not know, the "gnàcchere" (or castanets), two simple sticks flattened, still resonate in Maremma to the rhythm of dance music.
The CD is enhanced by the presence of some guests and friends of the Choir of the Etruscans: the voice of Lisetta Luchini, the effervescent Musicians of Light as well as Ido Corti Alessandro Casini and the castanets.
In short, not only a celebratory CD, but a collection of music and songs that all Maremma and friends of this incredible land of Tuscany have to listen, not only with their ears but also with their hearts. (Paolo Casini)
The songs on this CD offer recordings of the choir of the Etruscans 1975-2014 with voices and sounds:

Morbello Vergari† (voce)

Aniceto Vergari† (voce)

Sesto Vergari (voce)

Marco Vergari (voce e nàcchere)

Nanni Vergari (voce)

Corrado Barontini (voce)

Celestino Di Marte (voce)

Giorgio Sgherri (voce e chitarra)

Moraldo Pompili (voce)

Alessandro Meoni (voce)

Stefania Cappuccini (voce)

Manuela Goracci (voce)

Giorgio Piola (fisarmonica)

Sandra Pieraccini (fisarmonica)

Daniele Bellini (voce)

Enrico Vergari (voce)

Rosita Di Marte (violino)


Lisetta Luchini

Salvo Salviati

Suonatori della Leggera

Ido Corti

Alessandro Casini

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