I VIULAN - Cento ducati

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This CD crowns an artistic activity that has been lasting for more than forty years. Our music, still today, is fed by a passionate ethnographic research effected on the mountains of the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano but mostly by our love for this territory we deeply feel to belong to. This last project collects some traditional oral songs together with otherones composed by ourselves but always belonging to the same culture, the same area and the same people who represent the memory of these places, a memory that is not a fading remembrance but a lively and crea- tive actuality. This cultural and musical patrimony, by many years now, merges the vitality and the vocal color with the sound migrations of the elegant arrangements by Giorgio Albiani; it is in this synthesis that the constant process of reworking traditional music develops, reaffirming its value in the contemporaneity.

This work wants also to represent a contribution to protect the dialects of Appennino Tosco Emiliano, which are the authentic linguistic soul of the ancient history of these places. We wish to dedicate our songs to all those people who believe in the importance of reminding their own roots and traditions also through music and songs which, in the popular culture, mean rather a way of living than a mere artistic expression.

Gabriele Chiodi



Lele Chiodi baritono 


Carlo Pagliai tenore 


Lauro Bernardoni basso


Giorgio Albiani chitarra, chitarra contrabbasso ed arrangiamenti


Silvio Trotta mandolino, mandola, mandoloncello, bouzouki, chitarra battente


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