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Digipack with 3 sleeves artistic paper Booklet 16 Pages 13,5x12 - Release Date: 12/07/2018 - Italian Folk- Abruzzo- CD


1. La Diana

2. Mo Se Ni Cale Lu Sole

3. Ballarella Della Majella

4. Lu Ntriccicapite

5. L'Amore Li Fareme?

6. Saltarella Cerquetana

7. Aria a Mete

8. Saltarella Orsognese

9. Spallata Di Schiavi

10. Mariè

11. Sant'Antonio Di Paglieta

12. Aria Di Notte


"DELLÄ DA MONNE" is a dialectal word of the oral tradition of Abruzzo, pronounced in the town of San Valentino in Abruzzo Citeriore (PE). Silvio Pascetta, a researcher and scholar originally from that country, has transmitted it to us and told it in its meaning. "DELLÄ DA MONNE" literally means "beyond the world" or "in another dimension". According to that archaic popular culture, it was the dimension where God, Our Lady, Jesus, the saints, the angels, the dead lived and also all the beautiful things of Nature in their true essence. It corresponds "allu monne de la viritä" (the world of truth), which is opposed to ours, "lu monne de la busciôje" (the way of the lie). A world to which, under certain circumstances and according to that belief, could also access the "cristijne" (normal people). Also according to the grandmother of Silvio, when we human beings have a vision that, for example, reveals the future, then "lu monne de la viritä se presènde i teu nne sti a stu monne cô, sti dellä monne, allu monne de la viritä "(the world of truth makes itself present and you are not in this world, you are beyond the world, in the way of truth). Like Lupi della Majella, in this period of our journey, we felt a need to go further, with the desire to continue a vibrational and sound research, implemented through the recovery of songs and musical memories of the oral tradition of Abruzzo. In an attempt to push us beyond the boundaries of our "world of lies", which imprisons us in ephemeral and distorted perceptions, where there is less and less space for humanity and community sharing. With the hope of going "DELLÄ DA MONNE", in a truer world, where we can see and feel simply good, finally at home. We have therefore handed over to our music, expressed in a multi-voiced song, an air of work, a dance sonata, a processional march or a suspicious verse, the task to take us on this fascinating journey.


The Majella Wolves appear for the first time on the streets of Arsita (TE) in 2011 during the twenty-first edition of the folk music festival "Val Fino al canto", a bit for fun but above all thanks to a strong passion for music traditional. From 2012 they start a work of recovery and reworking of the oral musical tradition of Abruzzo, specifically listening, studying, "meeting" and searching for the sounds and sung of the traditional Abruzzese music world. A research still today in continuous development.

The group and its components come from the area of Val Pescara.
The musical repertoire refers to the "traditional oral repertoire" (today in part collected by various researchers through recordings and transcriptions of texts) and ranges from love songs to work songs, serenades, ballads and sung at suspette, up to the linked repertoire purely to dance (sonate a ballo), among which stand out the quadrille, polka, waltz, mazurka, but above all the most famous Abruzzese dance: La Saltarella (instrumental or even sung), of which they seek an authentic and new valorization without expire in flattening phenomena linked to the fashion of traditional musical traditions.

The interest of the group, in fact, is that of re-evaluating the cultural heritage of Abruzzo (specifically music made of played and sung) and of sensitizing and involving people, young and old so that they can get closer to their traditions and social memories.
The work of the group is strongly influenced by the responsibility of a recovery and enhancement of traditional music and tries to keep all the authentic energy of those sonatas trying to contextualize them within the "contemporary dimension".

"Auu" is the title of the first CD officially presented on May 29th 2015 at the Folk Festival "Sgrana e Traballa", at the CPA in Florence. Currently the group is working on the recording of their second CD, which will be ready and distributed by the RadiciMusic Records company, starting from July 2018


Sebastian Giovannucci: Diatonic Organ 12 and 2 Bass, Voice

Marcello Priest: Voice, Keyed Girdle in G, Archaic Flutes, Popular Clarinet, Traditional Percussions

Luca Sulcanese: Irish Bouzouki, Cittern, Flutes, D-Keyed Bagpipe, Voice

Alessandro Salerno: Frame Drums, Triangle, Traditional Percussions, Voice


Giovanni Mauro: Classical Guitar

Bernando Piccioni: Basso Tuba

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