GIOVANNANGELO DE GENNARO - Via (Immagini Sonore Di Un Viandante)

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Digipack with 3 sleeves artistic paper containing  Booklet 20 Pages 12X13,5- Release Date: 15/03/2018 - World Italy - Apulia- CD


1. In Principio

2. Invisibilium (et) Visibilium

3. Dialogo

4. Pietre

5. Labirinto

6. Contemplazione

7. Conclusione

One day, looking at me with his gray eyes, the old pilgrim of Avila told me that the journey begins in the mind. I remained silent and walked with him for a week, conversing in a language, ours, composed of only looks. Each step was accompanied by a phrase that echoed in my mind like a rosary, a mantra. We went on together, but I continued to back away from "my principle", discovering those mental mechanisms, triggered by daily repetitions, which continue to creak even when the same habits that generated them are dead. First slowly, then suddenly: my dormant emotions came back to light as a geyser of boiling water and steam; while, step by step, I tried to eliminate the superfluous to lighten my body and make it able to face its own dissonances. I wanted wings. Harmony. And immediately. Yet I agreed to go through the many layers that made up my ego. This is how I began my inner journey: in silence, with the sight lost in listening and hearing sharpened by perception, making small but perceptible steps around my conscience.
During the way, I talked for a long time with my shadow. Suddenly I realized that the snow was lightening, as if the white and the black were colors that were going to mix on a painter's palette: slowly, the shape of my shadow brought lost its contours becoming a spot of light hot. Reaching this priceless awareness, the invisible but tangible weight of the superfluous that weighed me down began to fall, like ballast.


Giovannangelo de Gennaro began studying flute at the age of 8. Subsequently he attended the Conservatory of Music Nicolo Piccinni graduating in flute.

His research sinks into the practice of Italian medieval music and Spain. He studied medieval music attending courses at the Royaumont Foundation in Paris, Schola Cantorum Basilensis, renaissance music classes in Erice, music from Asturias and ars nova with Maestro Pedro Memelsdoff in Bologna and later at CIRMA in Moissac with master Marcel Peres studying monody and sacred polyphony from the 7th to the 14th century.

In his musical journey he met great masters from all over the world of world music: Ustad Nustrat Fateh Ali Khan (Pakhistani), Jamal Oassini (Morocco), Michel Godard (France), Linda Bsiri (France - Malta), Kudzi Erguner ( Turkey), Bob Mecferrin (USA), Sufi Confraternity of Sfax (Tunisia), Begonia Olavide (Spain), Arash Yari (Iran), Ramiro Amusategui (Argentina-Spain), and Lycourgos Angelopulos (Greece).

Later he became a cantor of the Ensemble Organum directed by Marcel Perés. He collaborates in various musical groups, Micrologus, Mudejar, Compagnia Hora Decima, Avinar and Terra d'Otranto with whom he participates in numerous national and international festivals (Palao della Musica in Barcelona, Konzert Hause in Vienna, Metropolitan Museum in New York, Cite de the Musique in Paris, the Cathedral of Liège, Krakow, the Cathedral of Milan, the Alambra of Granada), Bogotà and radio recordings. He records for the record companies: Naive, Zig-Zag Territoires, Alpha, Enja, Opus 111, São Paulo, Tactus, III Millennio and Contemplative Digression.

He recorded in the last album of singer-songwriter Vinicio Capossela entitled Le Canzoni della Cupa.

From this meeting a stable collaboration is born. Participate in the 2016 summer powder tour and the 2017 Winter Shadow tour in Italy, Hungary, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Argentina, Thailand, Indoneisa and Malaysia. He played for the Womad Festival 2018 in Santiago de Chile.

He has been a residential artist at the Center Culturel Voce or City of Pigna (Corsica) with a music-theater production entitled OMBRALUX with Enza Pagiara, Antongiulio Galeando, Jerome Casalonga, Orlando Forioso and Toni Casalonga.

He recently took part in the Est meet West tour in Morocco with the American singer Josephine Foster. He recorded the last recording work as a solo VIA VIA Sonore of a Wanderer distributed by Radici Music Records.

He is director of the Ensemble Calixtinus founded in 92 'with Maestro Nicola Nesta.


Giovannangelo De Gennaro: Voice, Viella, Cornamusa, Flute Traversiere, Ciaramella, Organistrum

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