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Digipack 2 Panel - Release Date: 2003 - Singer-SongWriter - Piedmont - 2 CD

"Contiene 9 brani inediti, un libro di racconti, aforismi, poesie e una sorpresa "caraibica".


1 CD

1. Cannelloni  2:56

2. gnè, Gnè  3:28

3. A Innamorarsi...  3:09

4. Jean Loup Et La Belle Claire  3:16

5. L'Angiulillo  3:54

6. Come è Bella La Luna  3:18

7. Rocco  2:42

8. Vieille Chanson  3:00

9. Martin Pescatore  4:43

2 CD

1. Amadie  3:56

2. Daindi  4:06


It's time to give Giorgio Conte what is Giorgio Conte, putting in his mind that the lawyer of Asti (ehm ...) made his debut (as a singer) in 1983. Twenty years ago, not yesterday . Two decades served to show their style strongly, useful to free themselves from the comparisons that have always haunted him. Years that have not passed in vain, and "The storyteller" is here to prove it.

"The storyteller" is in fact a double cd (albeit sui generis, given the overall duration of the whole), with an agile booklet attached. A complete product (multimedia?) Whose merit is undoubtedly to provide the greatest number of tools to approach an 'all-round' artist, who is at ease both in front of a score and a page to fill of words. The pages of the book, in addition to containing the texts of the CD, offer a series of short stories (sixteen, to be precise) and five poems with a delicate and ancient aftertaste, almost nineteenth-century, in which things and simple people live together; in one word, demodé. Like the record, the main one at least, which clings to jazz and songwriting tradition, merging them into a tasty whole, in which the lyrics, poised between irony and dreamy poetry, play an important role, if not decisive. Evident echoes of the first Tom Waits, brother Paolo (yes, we fell for ...) but also Georges Brassens (but the two songs sung in French, seem, more than anything else, a tribute to the country that venerates him as a star ) and, consequently, of Fabrizio De Andrè.

The jazz seems, however, the privileged ground of Giorgio Conte, good at working the best in folding to the needs of singer-songwriter the sound of an orchestra as never decisive. An orchestra that jokes ("Cannelloni", "Gnè, gnè"), or plays the romantic ("To fall in love", "Kingfisher") and that, even, is immersed in murky scenarios of dance hall ("Rocco" ). What to say about the second cd? Let's take it as a joke. The fact is that Giorgio Conte wanted, it is not known for what reason, to record a separate disk, completely uneven from the one we have been talking about until now. It is a mad scientist that struggling with "Amadie" and "Drindi" almost remixes - between reggae and dub the first, with trance tendencies the other - in which, to consider the overall picture, stand out more than anything else 'irony. What is certain is that if a trendy DJ from London had signed them, someone would have shouted for a miracle. And instead, we are dealing with the old and dear Giorgio Conte. One who knows how to take pseudo-avant-gardes for the bottoms.


Giorgio Conte: Voice, Guitar

Pine Eye: Low

Guglielmo Pagnozzi: Clarinet, Sax

Alberto Mainati: Double Bass

Stefano Gaddo: Battery

Matteo Peo Mazza: Drums, Percussions

Ronald Shreck: Guitar

Fausto Mesolells: Guitar

Donald Diamond: Keyboards


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