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Release Date: 17/10/2011 · Format: LP


1. Nuovo                                            3:15

2. Lasciami Andare                              3:46

  3. Lele                                               5:08   

4:Dimestichezze D'Amour                    3:29

5. Corfiali Saluti                                  3:24

6. 18 Mila Giorni                                  4:35

7. Aquadub                                         1:14

8. Sottosopra                                      3:49

9. 20 Mila Leghe (In Fondo Al Mare)      5:39

10. Di Niente, Metà                              4:20

11. La Giostra                                     2:49


"VITAMIA" consists of 11 tracks that are a personal reflection and social long 50 years, 18,000 days (as the title of one of the songs on the album), a fresco sentimental and human as life brings different shades and different musical colors. "Vitamia" may be the disc that you do not expect from Gianmaria Testa, a disc in which the role of music and the pleasure of playing are almost in a leading role and the alternation of the plans and strong it is decisive and strong. Played everything live and study together in a week, it is characterized by the presence of a strong core and a compact of musicians for a long time working with Gianmaria: Claudio Dadone guitars (who also wrote some arrangements and active participant in the work of pre- -production artistic together with Gianmaria Testa and Paola Farinetti), Giancarlo Bianchetti always on guitar, Nicola Negrini on bass, Philippe Garcia on drums and Roberto Cipelli piano (author of the arrangement of the arches of "Lele"). At this strong base group joins a limited number of guests, but all outstanding as Mario Brunello cello (which on the finale of "Lele" gives an absolute wonder, an Armenian sound that knows how to take the stomach and enchant), Gianluca Petrella on trombone (a more "neutral" and imaginative of "Sincerely" and another more intimate and melodic on "You're welcome, half"), Luciano Biondini littering his masterful accordion on 3 different songs and Carlo De Martini the viola and violin in the string trio of "Lele". Affect electric guitars, which often seek distortion; It affects the absence of wind, if an exception is made for the trombone almost electric Petrella, and this is news is not insignificant, considering the musical history of Gianmaria Testa.
From the thematic point of view, on closer inspection, we can identify three strands: the child characterized by at least two episodes "Aquadub" and "The Carousel"; one more focused on the social with "Sincerely," "Upside" and "20,000 leagues (under the sea)", song-little work but is linked to the shape both musical language with which it was created with the Lodging child which was mentioned before; Finally the strand more intimate, sentimental and even more distinctive with Gianmaria "18,000 days", "You're half", "Let me go", "Lele", "New", "familiarities of love."
It was released on Oct. 17, 2011, on his birthday, the latest album of unreleased Gianmaria Testa. The CD, "Vitamia", is a kind of balance personal life and social life and is a natural evolution of the play "18,000 days - the python" with Battiston, even if the songs were totally revised and rearranged. Gianmaria has just turned 18,980 days and felt the need to look back and inside, to look at the sign that 18,000 days left on our country and on the lives of Italians.
The disc, played by great musicians, is full of new and unexpected sounds, a true fresco not only of words and feelings, but also music.

Gianmaria Testa, born in 1958, is Italian, very Italian, lives in the Langhe in Piedmont, but it took France to find out. Since he sent the Recanati Festival his tape recorded guitar and vocals, and won the first prize for the first time in '93 and again in '94, it's been quite a lot 'of things: nine discs - Montgolfières (1995) , Extra-Muros (1996), Lightning (1999), Waltz of one day (2000), Other Latitudes (2003), this side of the Sea (2006), the live "ONLY - Live" (2009), Vitamia (2011) and the last live Men at Work (2013) - More than 3000 concerts in France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Canada, United States, Portugal, four evenings all exhausted at the Olympia and a long series omaggianti of articles on major newspapers ("Le Monde" on top).
After working with the French producer Nicole Courtois Higelin, in Italy the route was a bit 'more complicated and difficult because conducted uncompromised, with very few TV appearances and radio broadcasting or any kind of advertising. Its real strength has been and is still word of mouth. Who goes to a concert she can not forget that the emotion comes palpable and is divided among all; Gianmaria jokes with his musicians and is naturally communicative; the lyrics are beautiful, they are simple, are small poems that speak of life and living well beyond the music; and her music, along with a voice that moves between raucous harshness and soft velvets, texts transports them, clarifies them, emphasizes them.
That things began to change even in Italy it took paradoxically Waltz of a day, the fourth disc of his career and the first completely Italian production, which is perhaps his most 'difficult': songs back to their form raw, basic, two guitars and voice only.

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