Eugenio Bargagli, Mirella Bargagli, David Vegni - Cantastorie di Maremma

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CD Booklet 32 Pages English Texts - Release Date: 2005 - Music Popular Tuscany

Lice Recording (Tracks 1-15) Held at Montepescali (Grosseto) Nella "Sala Operaia" On November 23th  2003

Studio Recording (Tracks 16-21) l 2004

Track List

1. La Chiaccherina
2. Ricordo Dei Cantastorie
3. La Giulia
4. La Maremma Risorta In Fiore
5. Le Spose Giovanissime
6. L’Ombrellaio Stagnino
7. Tu Ami Maria
8. Gioioso Valzer
9. Bossi e La Padania
10. Tango Del Liscio
11. Le Venti Ragazze
12. La Luna Cha Cha Cha
13. Bistone
14. L’Armaiolo
15. Mousette
16. Ho Pensato a Te
17. Quadriglia Toscana
18. Peppino e il Tenente
19. Le Donne Militari
20. Omaggio a Don Zeno
21. Serenata

This CD ("Ballad Singers of Maremma") contains songs and pieces combining the “passion of signing” with musical skills, the everyday life of the past with new interests and different ways of communicating.
When you see a ballad singer, you mustn’t ignore him: he is our past which has come to us to narrate another story to hand down to our children. “Stop and listen when you meet us and if we make you smile or dance it means we must continue to enjoy ourselves”.
Yes, let’s enjoy ourselves by listening to these songs, first with our hearts and then with our ears, in order to learn them, treasure them and sing them again, thus combating the dull-minded indifference of the consumer civilisation.

Eugenio Bargagli - Accordion and Voice

Mirella Bargagli - Voice

David Vegni - Accordion and Voice

Ido Corti - Tuscan Castanets

Alessandro Casini - Tuscan Castanets

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