ENZA PAGLIARA - Frunte De Luna

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CD Booklet 12 Pages  - Release Date: 2009 - Music Popular - Puglia - Salento

1. Galatone 6:55
2. E' Stato il Vento 0:18
3. Pizzicatila 5:47
4. Malachianta 5:31
5. Quandu Eri Tie Piccinna 0:31
6. Vole e Vole 4:35
7. Pizzica di Yorchiarolo 7:52
8. Cu Ti Lu Dissi 3:07
9. Frunte De Luna 1:45
10. L'aria De Lu Trainu 0:39
11. Fior Di Tutti i Fiori 4:46
12. Aquila Bella 3:40
13. Cori Uniti 0:27
14. Feritë Feritë 4:20
15. Quantu Mi Pari Bella 4:59

Singer, actress and percussionist, Enza Pagliara is one of the souls of the Notte della Taranta, with his voice full of archaic flavor is among the most popular performers of the Salento musical tradition. In his career he has got to deal with a long musical research, started from the rural world around her until they arrived at important artistic experiences alongside Joan Marini, Eugene Jackson, Teresa De Sio, Noa and Lucilla Galeazzi. In less than ten year career has produced concerts, recitals and performances (Song of Passion in 2002, Sea Songs in 2003, Incantamentum in 2004) not only in Italy but also abroad, as in the case of his experiences in Russia at the Bolshoi Theatre Moscow and St. Petersburg Mussorskij. A special mention goes to her debut album, Donna De Cups of 2002, a lovely fruit of a very careful fieldwork carried out by Enza Pagliara on the songs and the female voices of the low oral tradition and high Salento. Nearly five years after the debut arrives Frunte De Luna, her second album, recorded with the help of some prestigious musicians like Antongiulio Galeandro (Accordion), Redi Hasa (Cello), Adolfo La Volpe (guitar), Gianluca Longo ( mandola), Dario Muci (Bouzouki) and Joseph Mailloux (Acoustic Bass). The disc is accompanied a wonderful booklet that lists all the texts translated from the dialect of Salento, and a beautiful poem by Antonio Errico from which it seems must mention this verse that well outlines the characteristics of the voice of Enza Pagliara: "In this entry there is the earth: the wounds of history, the sweetness of the passions, the gorgeous illusions of pride, there's the pluck that haunts, or healing, or that deep thinking ". Listening reveals a disc by the great sound of traditional elegance in which fragments are mixed with more modern sounds and fluffy on which strong and vigorous pose the voice of Enza Pagliara. Tradition is represented by parts sung by the voices of singers like The Peasant and the tractor drivers of Torchiarolo, Uccio Aloisi, Raffaella Aprile, Sophia Giordani Pagliara and Ada Pasca. The disc opens with the traditional Pizzica of Galatone which opens the way to a path in which the words and the sounds follow each other, they surpass and become mysteriously perfect harmony. Follow so delicate Pizzicatila, the enthralling and Vole Vole, the overwhelming crescendo de la Pizzica of Torchiarolo, Cu Ti Lu I said from the repertoire of Rosa Balestrieri and Otello Profazio and Fior All The Flowers, common song to all the different musical traditions of the center -south. The hard top is represented very well by two poignant love songs Malachianta and the concluding Oh What Torment, which give rise to full the passionate side of the wonderful voice of Enza Pagliara. Frunte De Luna, is undoubtedly with Donna De Cups one of the clearest examples of how tradition can find a second and new life, if only approached with love and passion, qualities that Enza Pagliara certainly not lacking. www.folkbulletin.com - Salvatore Esposito

They played

Enza Pagliara, voice
Antongiulio Galeandro, accordion
Gianluca Longo, mandolin, zither race, guitar
Redi Hasa, cello
Vito De Lorenzi, tambourine, percussion
Giuseppe Mailloux, acoustic bass
Adolfo La Volpe, Portuguese guitar, oud
Giancarlo Paglialunga, tambourine
Claudio Pusterla, tambourine
Attilio Turrisi, guitar swing
Antonio Experts, clarinet
Valerio Daniele, acoustic guitar
Laura Hidden, spoons


Claudia De Ventura

Raffaella in April

Uccio Aloisi

Pietro Orlando

Ada Pasca

Sophia Giordani Pagliara

Annunziata Pagliara

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