ELEONORA BETTI - Il Divieto Di Sbagliare

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Digipack with 3 sleeves artistic paper containing  Booklet 16 Pages 12X13,5- Release Date: 16/03/2018 - Singer-SongWriter - Tuscany - CD


1. Qaranta Volte

2. Il Divieto Di Sbagliare

3. On The Moon

4. Il Coniglio Bianco

5. Thunder

6. Little Red Rinding Hood

7. Controvento

8. Anche Se Non Vuoi Mai

9. Sogno

10. Thunder Feat. Orang3

Once upon a time there was a blonde girl,
Who had feared the fantasy alive
After one day they had told her
That going out with the wolf was forbidden to her
He had thought:
But if Little Riding Hood
He wanted to
Look for him in the woods
And ask her
An appointment
To that wolf he had
A dark charm
This would then have been an affront
To that respectability of reasoning
So some things are hidden?
The dear teacher told her that deep down
There are fantasies that live better
If you allow yourself to be free in the world
That imagination can not hurt,
That even the wolf can fall in love,
Finding that that pawn is enclosed in him
Given at birth to live a dream.
That charm increases, if the dream is forbidden
Of you, Little Hood, tempted by the wolf.


Eleonora Betti started studying music at the age of six, playing the piano. The path linked to the instrument and to classical music then continues at the classical high school at the musical address of Arezzo. At the same time he devoted himself to singing activity, starting to perform in clubs and festivals, approaching jazz and musical theater. He spent his university years in Rome, graduating in Musicology and Music, taking part in many artistic projects and beginning his career as a songwriter, as well as starting the first experiments with the Portuguese fado, which brought her on the stage of prestigious events. The years 2012-2013 saw her moving in Europe with the YOUME project (Young Musicians Play Europe), then stopping in London, where she performed as a session player and vocalist for some independent artists, and devoted herself to her songwriting path, also attending the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance and so the environment of the young British songwriters. As singer-songwriter, he won the 2014 Sabina Music Summer prize, and was the most voted artist on the web and by the technical jury of the PiùVolume contest, performing to the City of the Other Economy; Thunder, the song in competition, has been selected for various radio passages. Finalist at "Voices For Freedom - A song for Amnesty" 2018 with the unpublished Libera. He has opened concerts of artists such as Ivan Segreto, Raffaella Misiti, Rita Marcotulli. He started the project The Keys To Paris, crossing the city following the paths of his pianos. She is co-author and performer of the song "Under the blood of the Moon" for the EP "When we dream we are all creators" by the composer Diego Buongiorno, with the participation of Carolina Crescentini, Claudia Pandolfi, Dorian Wood, Little Red Lung. She is the adaptator of the text of the initials of "Lost and Found" for the Italian version of the series produced by Netflix, and co-author of the text of the song "A new flower", sung by Simona Sciacca, for the Rai TV series "Tutto può Succedere" . As a pianist and vocalist, he recently played with Symo at the opening of the Antonello Venditti concert at Palalottomatica, at "Edicola Fiore" of Fiorello and for "Speciale Sanremo" by Vincenzo Mollica, and is part of the Dolores Picasso project. His debut album was released on March 16, 2018, entitled "Il Divieto di Sbagliare" (RadiciMusic Records), of which he is the author of lyrics, music and arrangements.


Eleonora Betti: Voice, Piano, Melodica, Glockenspiel

Diana Tejera: Acoustic Guitar

Gianluca Persichetti: Classical Guitar

Giuseppe Tortora: Guitars, Loyer Bows

Mario Gentili: Strings,  Loyer Bows

Ersilia Prosperi: Flugelhorn

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