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CD con Libretto di 36 Pagine Testi In Italiano-Spagnolo- Data di Uscita: 2000 - World Sudamerica - Campania


1. Calambito Temucano / Inti Sol  7:41

2. Zamba Del Che   5:39

3. Luchin  3:42

4. La Historia Es Nuestra, y Los Hacen Los Pueblos

(discorso di S. Allende a Radio Magallanes)  6:02

5. Te Recuerdo Amanda  4:01

6. Juan Sin Tierra  4:27

7. A Luis Emilio Recabarren  11:44

8. Procissao  5:13

9. A Cochabamba Me Voy  5:48

10. Cai Cai Vilu  6:11

11. Valse Chapaneco  1:08

Whoever says that with music is not politics should explain the fury of the Chilean fascist military against Victor Jara. They tortured him, crushed his hands before finishing him in that stadium in Santiago that he had to see many of the Chileans tortured, raped and killed on commission by Nobel laureate Henry Kissinger. And I, as more seriously a stubborn Spanish judge of these times, I say that time does not erase everything, and that there is not to forget, and that music can be anything other than "I love you, do you love me?" and that justice should be given to Jara by continuing to sing and sing his extraordinary songs.

If the intent of Daniele Sepe was to introduce Victor Jara, after listening to this album dedicated to him, he has perfectly achieved his goal.
Who was Victor Jara? In the booklet inside the cd, Sepe informs us that Jara was a Chilean communist, who paid with her love for freedom and for her country; Jara, in fact, on 11 September 1973, the day of Pinochet's coup, was taken to the Santiago stadium where, together with thousands of people, he was tortured and then killed by the regime's squads. But Jara was also a successful singer-songwriter who did not, however, split his love for music with civil commitment and in his songs he spoke of revolutionary heroes, the rights of peoples, freedom to conquer and defend.
Sepe has reworked some passages, which are not all of Jara; there is Violeta Parra, for example, which opens with the beautiful "Calmbito Temucano", a solemn and full-bodied track dedicated to the Andean land and sung by Auli Kokko; there is Ruben Ortiz, with his "Zamba del Che", a libertarian anthem full of nostalgia dedicated to Che Guevara.
Only in the third song comes the first song written by Jara, "Luchin", also sung by Auli Kokko, a song for piano and voice. Then there is the classic "Te recuerdo Amanda", already proposed by Sepe in previous albums. In the middle between the two songs is the recording of the last speech by Salvator Allende just before the coup of '73.
With "Juan sin terra" by Josè Saldana, Mexican author we are in another context, but always with the same revolutionary tension represented this time by Emiliano Zapata.
The most intense moment of the album is perhaps "A Luis Emilio Recabarren", also by Jara, a piece that is largely instrumental on the figure of the trade unionist Recabarren.
The last songs are more danceable, but the force of denunciation of the texts is not lacking.
"A Cochabamba me voy", also by Jara and "Procissao" by Gilberto Gil, samba rhythm for an indictment of the Catholic Church and its role in Latin America, a song that cost the exile to Gil himself , give a splash of energy to the whole record.
They end two instrumentals, "Cai Cai Vilu" by Jara and "Valse Chiapaneco", a traditional Mexican.
The album is an act of love for the Latin American people oppressed by centuries of military dictatorships and interference from the West, and it is an opportunity to start getting to know this continent.
In the internal booklet, for those wishing to deepen, there are tips on how to do, which books to start, which discs to buy, which sites to visit.


Auli Kokko: voice
Josè Seves: voice, guitar, charango
Elizabeth Morris: guitar, cuori portoriqueno
Paolo Del Vecchio: classical guitar
Franco Giacoia: classical guitar
Roberto Schiano: trombone
Daniele Sepe: saxophones, flutes, chit.portoghese, choirs
Piero De Asmundis: piano, Rhodes piano, keyboards
Armanda Desidery: piano
Pasquale Bardaro: marimba
Marco Pezzenati: marimba
Roberto Giangrande: electric bass
Aldo Vigorito: double bass
Enrico Del Gaudio: drums
Ciccio Merolla: percussion
Luciano Russo: choirs
Ettore Sciarra: choirs



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