DANIELA SORIA - Lo Scoglio Verde

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CD Booklet 32 Pages English Texts - Release Date: 2010 - Music Popular Tuscany - Elba island

Tracks List
1. Oh Isola Dell’Elba
2. Inno All’Elba
3. Insalata Ricciolina
4. Addio Portoferraio
5. Cantico Del Maggio
6. La Montanara (Elba Occidentale)
7. La Montanara (Elba Orientale)
8. E ce L’ho Tremila Lire
9. Antico Maggio
10. Stornelli Della Bella Luna
11. Befana (Marciana Marina)
12. Befana (Portoferraio)
13. Il Lamento Della Zitella
14. Inno Del Maggio
15. Passante e Caserio
16. Carnevale Di San Piero 1950
17. Carnevale Di San Piero 1959
18. Piccola Mazurka
19. Serenata Elbana
20. Fiori Elbani
21. Occhi Belli
22. La Canzone Alle Bimbe Elbane

This CD represents the first published collection of the oral tradition of the Island of Elba, and in particular, its singing tradition. The Tuscan Region has a rich heritage of so-called “immaterial assets”. Elba contributes to this “family heritage” with a wide variety of songs, from the more popular stornellos, to lullabies, rispettos, songs of alms collections (May Day and Epiphany Songs) and religious songs (Laments, Stabat Mater, Miserere, etc.). This disc is the result of the enthusiastic collaboration between Elban folk musicians and “continental” musicians who love Elba, not only as tourists.This record is created by the passionate collaboration between Elba lovers of folk musicians and "mainlanders" who the Elbe in the heart not only as tourists. The voice dell'elbana Daniela Soria is the main protagonist in this record that saw the friendly participation of the Choirs of St. Ilario and San Piero in addition to sixteen musicians who have offered their expertise to return on instrumental and vocal disc the original intention of the ancient melodies. Cd is proposed in a wide selection of folk songs, serenades, lullabies, Befanate and popular carnivals in the island of Elba, which were once essential element of a social life now rare.
Particular attention was paid to the tradition of "Maggi" of which he traced the Elbe is of ancient origin that more recently. The title of the publication is inspired by "The Green Island", operetta written by Giuseppe Pietri in 1929 and dedicated to his homeland. The same Pietri did not disdain to engage in popular repertoire, albeit with arrangements educated, composing such as "The song the girls Elba" course here revived with the text of Mario Colivicchi. Unreleased on disc are four pieces by Giuseppe Pietri definitely giving significant added value to the publication. Three poignant serenades and a mazurka that for a few minutes to relive melodies, tunes and images of the Elbe of the twenties and thirties of last century.


He learned as a child the first bases of singing and music theory. Later he began studying classical piano and began performing as a keyboard player and singer. He specialized in the study of vocal technique and jazz improvisation with Fabrizia Barresi at Siena Jazz. In 1994 he attended the jazz workshops of the Manhattan School of New York held by Nancy Marano and Harold Danko. Attended training courses held by Danila Satragno (singer speech therapist), where he continued studying the speech, and Riccardo Zegna (harmony). It specialized in the study of functional and jazz arrangement with Antonio Masoni. He later opportunity to attend master classes with Moni Ovadia (singing iddish), Cheryl Porter (spirituals - gospel), Maria Pia De Vito (jazz), dr. Franco Fussi (phoniatrics). He works as a singer with various musicians (Pino Annarella, Marco Della Gatta, Riccardo Ienna, Antonio Masoni, Robert Nissim, Nino Pellegrini, Paul Scali, Raffaello Pareti Franco Nesti, Robert Lopez). Since 1995 she has taught at the Music Academy "Lizard" of Grosseto; Diapason school of Siena; the B.I.A. Portoferraio; CAM Empoli, the Study Centre Polis of Certaldo; Municipal school of Barberino Val d'Elsa; Public School of Music in Poggibonsi.

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