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Vinyl 180 gr. Gatefold  - Edizione Limitata Copia N.461  - Date:23-Settembre-2014 · Format: LP- Indie Pop

Side  A

1. Così Vicini

2. Il Senso Delle Cose

3. Il Tuo Nome

4. Corri Da Me

5. Siamo Vivi

Side B

6. Perpendicolare

7. L'Imprevedibile

8. L'Infinito Nella Testa

9. La Fame (Di Te)

10. Senza Parole

On the day of his birthday, Cristina Donà presents to the world the eighth studio album, the latest in a discography that, since the glorious nineties, has always been prone to research (and translated into music and words) of certain places of heart and soul. Not an easy undertaking, which often involves totally trust their instincts to be able to "listen" on the expressive urgency traces that ferries elsewhere, a thousand miles from the shopping and commercial logic of the majors, or of what remains of them. Also for this reason, perhaps, the Incantautrice is again under the auspices of an independent label, as in the time of its inception. Freed of a weight / weight of multinational entities (the new EMI / Universal), Cristina is so back to being able to cure of his songs secret garden, ready to bloom without haste or pressure. Holding in your hands the echo of a memory, if only for a moment, get in touch with the ineffable, with the invisible present and bring back a fragment, a grain: at home, in the room, from the guitar strings to those of heading, in the form of song.

"So close" is that and much more: the need to find a lost intimacy, the desire to explore who we are and just bring him back to the surface, as if it were a conversation with someone, a friend, a companion, a son, a landscape . In order to understand, grow, and maybe even be able to face more sharp weapons certain inner demons. The disk dialogue takes place in a low voice or media, leaving aside the rock registers sang: yes, there are at least a couple of more songs dall'andatura move and lively ( "The meaning of things" and "We are alive") but the focus seems to breathe elsewhere, on the folds and between the majestic branches of "Perpendicular" or in the hallways, in the courtyards of memory evoked by the song that gives title to the new job, a little jewel in the balance between folk, pop and love song 'author.
Ten songs that strike, but that will require repeated listening to be appreciated fully: plots of acoustic and electric guitars, pianos, singing and counterpoint, strings and horns, a rhythm section never over the top, to accompany (as well as the arrangements) the vocals and narration without dominating it. For this, credit where credit is also Saverio Lanza, co-author of the music, artistic producer and arranger. More than in the past, it seems to be in the presence of a "concept album" in the form of intimate novel whose chapters live intertwined and united by a common thread of silk.

And at the end of the trip, ironically, it has one last vision: that of never being "arrived" indeed: on the contrary, the feeling is of having to start again, because "so close" mean yet another way to go, new discoveries to marvel, floating in the waves to read a balance that Dona Cristina seems to have reached. Artistically restless, never satisfied or satisfied, continues its path. Ariel Bertoldo -

The July 23, 2014 Dona Cristina officially announced on Facebook the release of his new album of there exactly two months, on September 23, his birthday. September 12 is released the single unpublished So close, "the title track 'eighth studio album So outbound neighbors, in fact, on September 23 next. At the end of Cristina month begins the album promotion in Felrtinelli libraries will be followed in October an acoustic tour paired with Saverio Lanza, with whom the singer tells the new album in a kind of "concert-storytelling". In November, they are sharing the concerts with the band. Following a year of concerts on tour to Italy, with the band and in acoustic duo with Saverio Lanza.

The September 29, 2015 Dona Cristina wins with Saverio Lanza the Targa Tenco for best song with the meaning of things (the second single from the album So close), ex aequo with Samuele Bersani and Pacific with The stories you do not know. The Targa is withdrawn on October 22 at the Ariston Theatre in Sanremo in the first of three evenings show the Tenco Prize.


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