CIATUZZA - Vurria Vulari

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Digipack to Three Doors - Artistic Paper - Hand-assembled by Craftsmen Italian - Booklet 16 Pages English Texts - Release Date: 04/11/2016 - Popular Music Sicilian

Track List

1. Oh Diu! Ca fussi ocieddu ca vulassi

2. E chi spartenza amara

3. Mi ’nnamurai di lu vuostru per

4. Meli ri satru

5. Vurria Vulari

6. Sti cappidduzza nun pozzu suffriri

7. Petri

8. Pariti un diamanti armatu r’oru

9. M’ardu, m’abbruciu

10. Si’ giummu r’oru

11. Ju mi nni vaju ddabbanna lu mari

12. Unni Sì

13. Mamma, nun mi cianciti quannu muoru

14. L’amanti miu

15. Incustanti, infidili

16. A sbrizza a sbrizza

17. Laidu è lu lammicu

18. Pani, crisci

19. Su carzaratu

In the second half of the nineteenth century in Sicily they are published several anthologies of folk songs collected from the voice of the people. With the exception of the Corpus of Sicilian folk music by Alberto Favara (published posthumously in 1957, to more than thirty years after the author's death), the only other collections containing the text of the songs that together exceed the figure of 20,000.

An immense wealth of dumb songs, often of great artistic value as well as historic, with no melody that accompanies them.

Always passionate about music and folk traditions, Giada Salerno, aka Ciatuzza, since 2007 has embarked on a research project, and proposed selection of these handed down songs without melody and perhaps for this reason forgotten.

Vurria vulari presents fifteen folk songs collected in the nineteenth century by various ethnographers, transcribed without a melody that accompanies them, and perhaps for this reason forgotten.
The themes are united by a feeling of fantasy, from an aspiration to a different condition from that really lived: by the girl who wants to become a bird to fly to the aid of his beloved intention to harvest the fields and hand him a handkerchief, to lament emigrant that if he had wings to fly you poserebbe beside his beloved, to the silent prayer of the inmate who craves freedom, to the cry of hope of a woman oppressed by a tyrant husband who wants to fly away to meet the desire of life and love. And of love songs there are various, joy and sadness: cherished loves, loves unrequited, betrayed love, passionate love ... A protest song of a young reaper harassment complaint that the peasant girls had to suffer by the scions of noble families .
An important weight have also songs composed by women: it is often of great literary merit songs that were performed to the frame, the washerwomen, during the olive harvest or during harvesting. One last song was originally formulas of invocations to the saints that were used to leaven and bake bread well and that in many parts of Sicily is still used until a few decades ago.
The CD also contains three original songs composed by Francesco Giuffrida, a scholar of the history of the Sicilian folk song: The miu lovers is a love song for a miner of pirrera, the sulfur mine, which reminds a shameful page in the history of Sicilian workers. Huns' is a canzuni dedicated to Peppino Impastato Felicia; Petri finally, recalls the figure of Placido Rizzotto, union corleonese kidnapped and murdered by the Mafia in 1948.


Ciatuzza: Voce - Chitarra

Denis Stern: Chitarra

Giogio Maltese: Tamburello - Castagnette - Marranzano - Mandolino - Azzarinu

Fulvio Farkas: Darbuka


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