Tuareg Music

Tuareg people (Imuhagh in Berber language) are essentially nomadic Berber people living through the Saharan desert in North Africa. Tuareg people essentially dwell in Niger, Mali, Algeria, Libya and Burkina Faso.

Tuareg music is a widespread style of Berber Music. A famous and typical Tuareg instrument is the imzad (alos named amzad), a kind of one-string violin. The imzad is made from calabash (a Cucurbitaceae plant close to gourd) or wood and covered by an animal skin, the string and the bow are made from horse hair. It is generally played by women while accompanying asak songs.

The Tuareg musical genre first encompasses traditional song genres such as tisiway, traditional chants based on poems; tahengemmit, elders' slow songs; asak, songs accompanied by imzad; tasikisikit, women songs accompanied by tende, a typical tambour made with goat skin; and children songs like bellulla played with lips technics accompanied by fadangama, a small one-string instrument, odili, a wooden flute made from sorghum and gidga, a wooden instrument made with irons sticks.

It encompasses as well popular genres, mainly consisting of traditional music played by electric guitars and mixed with Blues and Rock, such as Tishoumaren, also known as Tuareg Blues, founded in 1980s by the Malian band Tinariwen, a kind of Electric Blues or Blues Rock and other kind of genres mixed with sub-saharian traditional music like takamba, accompanied by any sub-saharian percussions or Nigeran band Etran Finatawa's music, melting Tuareg music with Wodaabe traditional music.

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