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Indifferentemente - Short Appetizing Song Ceremony

Digipack 2 Panel  Booklet 56 Pages  - Release Date: 2003 - Italian World - Basilicata

Track List

1. Petula Venneva 'e Scarpe  1:17

2. Friariella  4:12

3. Ogni Scarpa Nu Sciore  1:31

4. Ferrarella  3:25

5. 'o Tiempo De' Limoni  1:13

6. Voccaa Rossa, Vocca Persa 4:34

7. Perso  1:50

8. Stretto  5:32

9. Leonardo  3:46

10. Città Vuota ('o Brodo Pe Passà A Vecchiaia)  1:32

11. Sona Campana  5:13

12. Lazzarella Indifferente  5:12

13. E Uno E Doje 1:22

14. Aspetto  4:10

15. Giuggiola (Ai Cani)  5:12

16. Che Giorno È?  4:40

Indeed, it is the record return of Canio Loguercio, an album in which the tradition of the Neapolitan classic song accompanies the hip hop and electronics language. Luca's artist has always received a gratifying applause from critics, and often his name is compared to the prestigious ones of Franco Battiato, Laurie Andreson, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Bob Dylan, Residents, all characters who set their own career on ' expressive innovation. And indeed, Canio Loguercio moves in the field of experimentation trying to combine together, and successfully, genera distant between them. Indeed, he takes inspiration and title from the song of the same name brought to the success of Mario Abbate in the '63 by the Naples Festival, a composition that tells a strong torment of love, with its conquests and losses, hopes and pains in the continuous desire to live intensely this feeling. And precisely on this theme is centered on the whole album sung with a raw and ironic Neapolitan dialect that moves between recalls in the '60s and recorded quotes by Mina, Beastie Boys, Residents. To accompany the musician in this adventure there are Rocco De Rosa (keyboards, programming, grooves), Easter Eggs (grooves), In The Gidice (bass).
Indeed, it is also a theatrical performance that Loguercio plays in unusual places such as private apartments. It is a sort of Mass, a poetic crossroads immersed in the darkness where little light is given by two small torches while the scene is made up of a few and simple objects such as a coffee table, a raincoat, a stove. It is a minimalistic show as exciting as the voice, almost whispered, is alternated with recordings of dialogues, screams of street vendors, household noises, in addition to the basics always curated by the above mentioned names.

Short ceremony at home with passionate songs
For a few months I've been around for homes to sing passionate songs. With a few tools, a stove, electric torches and about thirty boiled eggs. Let Petula Clark welcome you to Round every corner, one of his lesser-known songs. Then in the dark pesto I start my "ceremony." Just over an hour for a dozen songs all over. Like so many stations in a Via Crucis, a procession that winds up with its litanies, its rituals, its jubilations ...
Indeed, he tries to describe an unlikely love story. But it's little more than a pretext, a rudimentary time machine that allows me to go rampant. Within me or somewhere else, almost always trivial. A tool for collecting and fixing fragments of nature varies in a double face catalog / sample, one of those albums to be rewound. On the one hand, photos of the first communion, on the other, cutouts and photocopies of books and newspapers hidden long under the mattress.
DoubleFace-Dual Senso. Like a raincoat bought at the used market. Like a speck of Nino Taranto: What beautiful pansé you have .. Do you dare me? Do you give me your pansé?
Indefinitely incessantly (and indecently) runs from one side to the other.
It forces me to go in and out faster, but so fast that the "spectator" ends up not to notice more about the movements. Moreover, the high frequency of oscillation makes movements more and more imperceptible so that gestures appear slow, heavy words, thoughts blocked. "Do not be in a hurry! she told her "big" friend to us when she told us how to cuddle with women.
Yet the theory that love is above all a matter of "times" is largely overcome.
Perhaps, some say, it's just a grappling game, a clever use of innocent "biotechnology" ...
That is why my performance looks like a snoozed bio-sound installation. An approximate exposure (in the dark!) Of organic matter slags ... with lots of strokes and chorus.
Because yes, we are talking about a simple concert of "love songs". Although almost all written in Neapolitan, the "sacred" mother tongue of passions. Among other things, many of my pieces resume the same lines and hints of classic Neapolitan songs. I try to confront them, not without excess presumption, so that the story becomes a rebuild of the strong emotions they give me whenever I listen. But this really is not easy to explain. It's one thing that if you get it you know, otherwise it does nothing, you can certainly do it without it.


Canio Loguercio, musician, poet, architect, performer. Lucano of birth, Neapolitan of adoption, was finalist to three different editions of the Recanati Prize for the song of the author, collaborated with various musicians and published the CD Indipendently (the poster), Miserere (BOOK / CD / DVD, with the participation of some of the most representative poets of the new contemporary literary scene - Gabriele Frasca, Lello Voce, Sara Ventroni, Rosaria Lo Russo, Tommaso Ottonieri, Enzo Mansueto -, video artist Antonello Matarazzo, musicians Rocco De Rosa , PASSION (book + CD) was published in July 2009 by the editions of if and AMARO AMMORE (book + CD editions of if) and SONZONI SUSSURRATE (in thought) in 2013, with who has been nominated for the Targa Tenco 2014. He has also hosted numerous shows including the Ravello Festival, Monfalcone's International Poetry Shipyard, Ercolano's Ercole Festival, the Wall of Padua, the Week of Italian Culture in Cuba, Ethnicus, Refraction, Glass Theaters, Survival, South, etc .. Conductor, director and author of programs with RAI, artistic consultant of Fondazione Romaeuropa for the programming of the Palladium Theater , he has designed and produced numerous musical projects, promoting intercultural initiatives, including Kufia-singing for Palestine, Trasmigrations, with the "manifesto", the constitution of the Vittorio Orchestra, the UN campaign before the rain, in support of microprojects in Africa, an international appeal for a new law for the protection and restoration of the eco-sustainable of the Sassi of Matera, etc.


Canio Loguercio: Voice, Guitars, Harmonica, Keyboards

Rocco De Rosa: Keyboards, Programming, Grooves

Pasquale Trivigno: Chorus, Groove

Nello Giudice: Basso

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