Egea Music

EGEA is a record label but it is also an idea of music whose very name suggests a willingness to explore the features of an identity across the Mediterranean

The record company EGEA abbreviation her debut in 1992 with the disc Coloriage Gabriele Mirabassi and Richard Galliano. He is devoted exclusively to jazz for the presence in town of a prestigious festivals such as Umbria Jazz, regarded as the event that makes it possible to take stock of the situation and to present the new label. In 1995 EGEA is imposed on the general public with Nausicaa of Enrico Pieranunzi and Enrico Rava and then immediately after with Nafplio Maria Pia De Vito and Rita Marcotulli and Fairytale Gabriele Mirabassi and Stefano Battaglia.

The interest of EGEA from the beginning has been to rediscover the material in Southern Italy and the Mediterranean in all its layers. So there is an intention to re-read all the material in the form scholarly popular: with Trovesi and Thigh situations and characters of the Po Valley; with Pieranunzi and Rava has jumped centuries of music to get the classic Greek with a title like Nausicaa; with Maria Pia De Vito rediscovering the language of Naples with great force; with Peter Tonolo has highlighted seascapes.
In short EGEA not only as a record label as well as an idea of music; it loves jazz but considers that he should shut up within the confines of what is called coded, perhaps with laziness, African-American music. In his records he perceives the taste for a valuable refinement chamber, the curiosity and the desire to follow a road original.
An Italian way to jazz? Maybe, or maybe Italian musicians who play jazz with their sensitivity, that is being born in Naples, Sardinia, or Vocino to Po. Or, European musicians who make us partakers of a culture deeply rooted to the origins and history, but open to the world.

And then the painstaking care of the sound, privileging the naturalness and spontaneity, recording in non "hyper", but with perfect as can be to the historical theaters of Umbria (eg. The Peacock Theatre in Perugia or theaters Spello, Citta di Castello).
The catalog of EGEA is not boundless, but every choice is thoughtful, with excellent results, such as the project which featured the Brazilian guitarist Sergio Assad and Gabriele Mirabassi, with the creation in 1999 of the disc Velho Retrato. Un eshop professionale completo a soli 49 euro l'anno con NewCart
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