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CD Booklet 24Pages - Release Date: 2005 - Veneto- Italian folk
Track List
1. N'Anarela  4:04
2. Bela Fola  4:21
3. Rosa Spania  2:23
4. Come L'Acqua Co L'Onda  3:02
5. I Sequeri di S. Antonio  4:07
6. Medusa  3:10
7. Cà' D'Oro  3:03
8. Mirando 'l Blu  3:31
9. Mondi De Carta  4:23
10. Gilmo & Ginella  3:07
11. 'Ndo Sito Sta Putea  3:00
12. Canta Cussì  3:52

Indeed, Veneto comprises all kinds of landscape: sea, mountains, countryside, hills, lakes. In the same way, Descalso offers a many-colored mosaic of places, memories, moments from this side of the world. This includes History as well as little individual stories, the images of yesterday and the life of today, the wit and irony of common people and their religious fervor mixed with superstition and taste for mystery, the centuries-long relationship of venice with its Adriatic and North European neighbors as well as with East. Above all, one feels everywhere the magic power of the water, almost a leitmotiv connecting sounds and words. The lyrics of Archedora's songs are written in a dialect that does not belong to any specific town or province, but is rather a "virtual" mixture, to which anybody can relate.

In these words and music, the Veneto land continuously disappears and reappears - in the bright, firm sound of the dancing bands, in the sophisticated handling of Mediterranean suggestions, in the overwhelming rhythms of dance, in the lyrical rarefactions, in the words, both sung and spoken. The great tradition of the Venetian Baroque is coupled with the experimental curiosity of new musical genres. Each song is surprising because of its evocative power and emotional charge, as when one stands on the shoreline, where the waves now flood our bare feet, now just meet them


Rachele Colombo: Vocals, Guitar Picks, Percussion, Programming

Corrado Corradi: Bandonina, Inglese Concertina, Percussion, Vocals

Nicola Marsilio: Clarinets, Flutes

Giulia D'Elia: Cello

Negrello Titian: Bass, Percussion

Alberto Roveroni: Dishes and Tom


Quartet Barueco:

Giovanna Berti - Violin

Elena Rocchini - Violin

Martina Chiarugi - Viola

Marilena Cutruzzulà - Cello

Emanuela Cananzi: Piano

Giuseppina Casarin: Vocals

Sandra Mangini: Voice, Voice chanter

Amaranteghe - Veneto Theatre Survey:

Giovanna boscarino - Voice chanter

Dalies Donato - Voice chanter

Sara Paolini - Voice chanter

The adventure of Rachel Colombo and Corrado Corradi was born in 2000 from the friendship, the will to weave cultural paths, from the belief that they have similar musical sensitivity.
Today, Archedora musically along the fine line between the cultured and the popular, East and West, between tradition and new composition: a space neither black nor white, where there are the feelings, poetry, the Venetian dialect, styles and languages different music.
Beware of roots, united in the rediscovery of the values of their land, represent this "frontier" through concerts and outreach activities aimed at creating synergies between those who, in the field of art in general, including through the association "Archedora Veneto Music" share a taste for innovation and the deepening of a personal style

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