ARCHEDORA - Archedora

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CD Booklet 16 Pages - Release Date: 2001 - Veneto- Italian folk

Track List

1. 'E Nuvoe  3:28

2. Ridi Bepi  3:03

3. Come Le Viole  4:26

4. Disgelo  4:45

5. Contame  3:47

6 Caigo  4:22

7. I Quatro Gati  3:59

8. Telenovela  2:13

9. Sta Sità  4:46

10. Vacanse  4:21

11. Te Scrivo...  3:08

12. I Papaveri Di Fedora  2:03

"Archedora is a musical project around two ex-members, Rachele Colombo and Corrado Corradi, of the well-known Venetian folk group Calicanto. Together with a few quest musicians they recorded eleven strong songs with their roots into the Venetian folk music and surrounding. Colombo sings her songs with passion. Listen to Ridi bepi, Colombo sings it as if she wants something very badly but just can't get hold of it. You hear the desperation and emotion in her voice. Helped by the soft en subtle company of the violoncello and the Bandoneon she lifts the music to a warm and emotional level. I like the songs Corradi sings in duet with her. He has a voice like a father that sings to his daughter that everything will be all right and that she should stop worrying. You can hear this in E nuvoe but even better in Contame that has a dangerous violoncello chasing the singers to the end of the song. Archedora is a cd full with atmospheric songs. A beautiful musical experience from Italy and especially the Venetian region. - Eelco Schilder


Rachele Colombo: Vocals, Guitars, Percussion, Programming

Corrado Corradi: Bandonina, Inglese Concertina, Tambourine, Voice

Giulia D'Elia: Voiloncello

Matthew Buzzanca: Piano, Keyboards

Fabio Fecchio: Electric Bass, Fretless

Alberto Roveroni: Battery

Alberto Polese: Voice

Amelia Burlon Siliotti: Vocals chanter


The adventure of Rachel Colombo and Corrado Corradi was born in 2000 from the friendship, the will to weave cultural paths, from the belief that they have similar musical sensitivity.
Today, Archedora musically along the fine line between the cultured and the popular, East and West, between tradition and new composition: a space neither black nor white, where there are the feelings, poetry, the Venetian dialect, styles and languages different music.
Beware of roots, united in the rediscovery of the values of their land, represent this "frontier" through concerts and outreach activities aimed at creating synergies between those who, in the field of art in general, including through the association "Archedora Veneto Music" share a taste for innovation and the deepening of a personal style.

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