ANTONIO MAROTTA - Siriana "Pezzi Fatti In Casa"

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Digipack with 3 sleeves artistic paper - Booklet 16 Pages 12X13,5- Release Date: 23/05/2018 - Singer-SongWriter - Apulia - CD


1. Siriana

2. 'Nu Furastièro

3. Siènteme a Mè

4. O Rè Rrè

5. Fatte Ca Se Pèrdene Na Sera

6. Clischè

7. 'Na Storia Palmese

8. Borbonica o Giacobina

9. Auè!

10. Luci Blu

11. Volti DiVersi

12. Napule Nera

CASA MAROTTA ... between music and therapy
I think it is more than natural for an artist to adopt a mask to interface with the world around him, a mask that acts as a bridge between the real and the unreal, in this sense it fully represents the essence of art.
During my work experience in the field of music and theater I gained a real veneration for the masks I was lucky enough to wear; they have protected me for a long time from the pitfalls of real life.
In this latest recording work entitled "Siriana, PeZzi FaTti in CaSa", unfortunately, I had no escape. The reality literally fell on me, no filter or mask to help me to temper the themes that I would have touched making this choice; only a small camera to film the heart of the whole operation: a house. My home!
Whole days to try to photograph, film and finally music my small daily actions. After about three years of work, during which I went out almost exclusively to get the necessary equipment to put on a home studio, I realized that playing pieces of real life can be really alienating.
The first intent of this album "FaTto in CaSa" was to talk about real things: get involved and sing life using the point of view of a man who desperately tries to theatricalize his sacrifice, to stay alive.
Using the "problem" as a resource was my key.
The disability can also invalidate the one who assists the disabled person in the family as it often arouses a feeling of shame that makes the family members shy and neurotic in the eyes of a well-thinking society that would keep the disabled people away from their eyes; eyes already too tired for too much looking for a new product to consume. Talking about my mother, her severe schizophrenia, the repercussions that this illness has on the patient and those around him has been heavy but at the same time liberating.

Antonio Marotta


singer - guitarist - composer - music therapist, frame drums manufacturer. He began his artistic career as a singer and then devised theater-music performances inspired by the popular Campanian traditions, performing between Naples and the province. He deals with research ethnomusicology. He plays and builds traditional framed drums. As a guitarist he plays classical / electric guitar and the knocking guitar (Italian popular guitar). He performs both in Italy and abroad in festivals of ethnic music, jazz, rock ...
He worked with Maestro Roberto De Simone as a singer / actor in several shows including: "Lo Vommaro a Duello"; The Centennial Function; Here is the Messiah (written for the Circuito del Mito); El Diego Concerto No. 10 (which had its premiere at the San Carlo Theater in Naples). He studied composition with M ° Antima Pepe of the S. Pietro a Majella conservatory in Naples.
In 2009 he recorded his first solo album which will be released in 2011 called "Canti a Dispetto" - reviewed by Onda rock magazine and Blogfoolk Magazine -
On 10th August 2014 he presented his new album entitled "Chains" during the Carpino Folk Festival with a concert in the final evening; the album had a limited edition: 100 copies signed and printed specifically for the event by Radici Music Records.
In 2012 he began his collaboration as a teacher, with the Carlo Gesualdo Triennial School directed by: Sabatino Miranda and Fausto Russo
In 2014 he began his collaboration with the National Academy of Santa Cecilia as a composer / music therapist for the series "I Gusci".
He is engaged in his new work Ethnomusicological entitled: RadioDramma - Maria Del Giudice - in collaboration with the musician Peter De Girolamo.

In 2018 he released his third CD "Siriana Pezzi Fatti In Casa"


Antonio Marotta: Voice, Classical Chiatarra, Electric Guitar, Beating Guitar

Mario Vorraro: Mandolin

Salvatore Rainone: Battery

Valerio Mola: Double Bass

Alessandrea Ruggiero: Violin

Marco Smorra: Electric Bass

Elisa Vito: Bassoon

Cosimo Stramaglia: Guitar


Shaone: Voice

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