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Digipack with 3 sleeves artistic paper containing  Booklet 12 Pages 13,5x12  - Release Date: 20/07/2018 - Jazz World - Lombardy- CD


1. Los Mareados

2. Rouge

3. Beatriz

4. La Foule

5. Alfonsina y El Mar

6. Io Che Amo Solo Te

7. Era De Maggio

8. Oblivion

9. Ritornerai

10. A Timeless

11. Le Temps Du Tango


12. Bugiardo e Incosciente

I do not remember exactly when and how I sang for the first time, I was very young, but immediately the voice became for me the sixth sense organ with which to interact with the outside world. Over time even a form of expression, practice, custom that has accompanied and punctuated my life, preferring jazz and in recent years the tango. The meeting with Arrigo Cappelletti was fundamental for my training. Being accompanied by him and Fausto Beccalossi made the difference and marked a "movement" that changed my way of thinking about singing. Every moment becomes with them creativity at maximum power, meditation, discovery, a flight to the top, where nothing is taken for granted or trivialized; A true poetic form where feelings and emotions follow one another like an endless "burst" ... I wanted to stop this intense experience and testify it in a CD with them, through songs dear to us, contaminating and mixing different genres where everything it's what it's like and it could be something else ... Thanks to Arrigo and Fausto for this experience that we will continue to offer live, since I wanted from the beginning the trio, with a character of "live performance" where improvisation and interplay between us play a decisive role . A huge thanks to Flavio Minardo, who with his guitar and his sensitivity has embellished this work by entering "on tiptoe". Thanks to Franco Finocchiaro for his words, his wise pen ... that .... "as he writes he does not write anyone". Another thanks to the Argentine artist Paola Davico for the portrait, to Alessia Oppizzi for the translations, to Enzo "Bassman" for the live photos. Thanks again to Gustavo Paglia for the arrangement of "Los Mareados".
Thanks to life.
Annamaria Musajo


An Italian by birth but an Argentinean by adoption, Annamaria Musajo, after various musical experiences, dedicated herself to jazz singing, forming a quartet in her name and beginning to perform as a singer of this genre since 1989. She alternates between Milanese musicians such as M. Said, M. Pintori, L. Di Virgilio, A. Barattini, F. Faraò, R. Piccolo, MI.T. Mangialajo, F.Finocchiaro, Alberto Bonacasa. He collaborates with some Italian jazz musicians such as Piero Bassini, Antonio Scarano, Renato Sellani and more recently with Arrigo Cappelletti with whom he proposes a repertoire that ranges from tango to jazz. He has participated in many jazz concerts in clubs and theaters, competitions, programs at radio stations, as well as jazz seminars with Betty Carter in '91 and with Bob Stoloff, of Berklee College of Music of Boston, in '92).

Established in Argentina in '95, it forms a jazz quintet with prestigious local musicians, including Quique Roca, Pablo Ledesma, Waldo Brandwaimann. During his stay he participated in television programs and in July 1996 he was called as a supporter of Brazilian jazz singer Leny Andrade.

After returning to Italy in March 2000, in addition to resuming the jazz repertoire, he formed with the guitarists Pierluigi Ferrari and Sergio Fabian Lavia a trio of Argentine music, proposing a music that embraces both the tango prima modo, and the music of the most representative of the heritage of Argentine folk music. With this trio with whom he recorded the CD "S" u "ono Latino", currently collaborates the singer and guitarist Martin Troncozo and the bandoneonist Daniel Pacitti.

Once again in Argentina, she recorded the tango cd "VIVA il tango" (Ethnoworld) in Buenos Aires in 2004.

In recent years there have been numerous jazz concerts in his name and recitals "Singing the tango" as well as theatrical performances such as: "Tango Malandrino, songs and poems for one night" with the reciting voice of Annig Raimondi of the Teatro Arsenale in 2006; in the theatrical piece "Recital brechtiano" directed by Bruno Portesan, (2007) singing pieces of the Opera da Tre Soldi ", in the repertoire of Mercedes Sosa and Violeta Parra in" Mujeres Valientes "directed by Monica Patrizia Allievi and participation by Lucia Vasini in March 2012.

Currently he continues to perform in tango and jazz settings with different formations:

the most significant and recent is that together with Arrigo Cappelletti and Fausto Beccalossi in a repertoire between tango and jazz entitled "Tra tango e tango"; show that proposes a journey through the different souls of tango, the most 'codified and linked to tradition and the polyphonic and innovative linked to the name of Astor Piazzola; the 'European' and jazz-related matrix linked to the pianist and composer Arrigo Cappelletti, along with some jazz songs and Italian and French singer-songwriters.


Annamaria Musajo: Voice

Arrigo Cappelletti: Piano

Fausto Beccalossi: Accordion


Flavio Minardo: Guitar

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