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CD In Cartonato 2 Ante with 18 pages booklet - Output: 2008 - Popular Music - Apulia - Salento

Track List

1. Frammenti (Mamma La Luna - Amame Beddhu)  5:35

2. La Tabbaccara  4:13

3. Pizzica Pizzica  4:01

4. 'Ntunucciu  6:34

5. Aria A Tre  4:17

6. La Cupa-Cupa  2:52

7. Aria De Lu Trainieri  3:38

8. Pizzica Pizzica Di Nardò  3:55

9. La Cerva  2:25

10. Stornelli  2:43

11. Ninnamorella  1:33

The artistic life of Anna Cinzia Villani is emblematic of the training of many of the leading "the pinch" movement protagonists. Game of the mid-nineties - very young - from frequenting the dense mosaic of self-organized parties was Salento "tweaked" before the advent of the great festival, Anna Cinzia is soon to emerge for his musical versatility and in particular for his extraordinary voice, "ancient", which allows her to interpret traditional songs with great strength and expressiveness. His repertoire, as with almost all young people of that generation, is based primarily on reruns of groups revived then active, implying that a few already have "songs secondhand." In the crucible of experience and creativity, Villani begins an almost initiatory path, working with different groups, but especially beginning to assiduously attend some elders "singing trees," guardians of the "secrets" of the music of Salento, with which, for its particular sensitivity - musical and human - can build beautiful relationships, based primarily on the sharing of feelings and friendship. Anna Cinzia with elderly people can sing and play along, much rarer experience than you might think in the environment of the music of Salento. These meetings - which are often documented by audio and video recordings - allow the artist to expand the repertoire and hone their vocal and instrumental performance techniques, and in some way to absorb the "spirit" and "culture" is the basis of sounds and traditional songs.
This complex artistic and human journey finds its synthesis in cd Ninnamorella (published by Animamundi in the usual elegant graphic design), project that marks the achieved artistic maturity of Villani. For the first time, its rich and eclectic musical personality emerges in all shades: the CD includes three solo performances (a Pizzica Pizzica for voice, drums and harmonica, a beautiful version of La tabbaccara with a different text from the one most known of Ucci, and the so-called conclusion, Ninnamorella, a lullaby voice only creepy), the wonderful songs performed with great singers "traditional" (the air three, the doe), and some pearls of practiced repertoire with Gianni Amati, Annamaria Bagorda and Maria Mazzotta, three young musicians who perform with her often in concert (the gloomy dark veins de Mulls, the Stornelli and exceptional pizzica pizzica of Nardo - a true masterpiece for executive strength and expertise - on which hangs the spirit of Salvatora March and Luigi Stifani therapeutic dell'orchestrina). But in addition to these songs, performed in a very respectful of traditional ways, the CD is also enhanced by Mom moon - Amame beddhu, L'Air de Mo trainieri and 'Ntunucciu (also in whisker version "alternative"), songs great intensity, arranged in a more experimental and creative - between contemporary influences and jazz - the result of collaboration with Valerio Daniele, Redi Hasa, Antonio Experts and Vito De Lorenzi. Over all stands the extraordinary voice of Villani, refined and full of pathos, capable of extreme virtuosity, but also to convey emotion, passion and feeling.
Is composed as a wonderful musical fresco, which refers to a representation of Salento much richer and more vital than we are used normally, while also interesting stimuli for future paths.
Ninnamorella manages to be both traditional and modern, radical and enjoyable, rich in living memory but also capable of speaking to the restless contemporary sensibility. For all these reasons I think that this is one of the most important discs produced by the Salento "popular" scene in recent years. Vincenzo Santoro


Anna Cinzia Villani, The voice of Salento. Its path of research driven by deep interest in sound as memory and body of its territory has influenced all his artistic choices, designed in order to disseminate and preserve the characteristics and nuances which in an era of flattening and cultural assimilation would be certainly lost.

Already in the 90s, she collaborated with established groups such as the Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino, she usually met the “trees of song”, those people who if prodded with the right amount of patience and kindness can convey tradition and improvisational of singing skills, such as sound and dance. Villani has the peculiar techniques of the singing and she is aware of the intention that is behind the steps of the Pizzica Pizzica, and it makes her educational workshops unique in Italy and abroad.


After many record collaborations she debuts in 2008 with Ninnamorella (Animamundi / AFQ), her first solo work that has been critically acclaimed for the depth of her approach. “She has an atavistic voice, of awesome power and of shocking maturity, […] a treasure revealed,” wrote Guido Festinese on Alias ( music insert of Manifesto) of May 30, 2009.


The album has had great success in Italy and abroad and has been programmed by several national radios (Rai Radio 3, Radio Popolare, Radio Shockwave, etc.) and foreign ones (BBC Radio 3 -England – Vancouver Radio – Canada -, etc.). The album instead “Fimmana, mare e focu! (Animamundi), published in March 2012 has been selected by the commission of Puglia Sounds, in reference to the regional competition “Recording” in order to be supported in the activity of promotion.

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